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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by HunkyDory, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    I believe this section of the forum there are no questions however, I didn't know where else to post this.

    Anyway, I've been riding on the street for about 3 days now, and I realise when I reach a corner or wide bend, I, ofcourse after reading a lot of these rider tips, pick a reference point in the corner/bend and start my turn.

    However, I have a problem where I, on some occasions get too close the corner and have to kick it out a bit more to avoid possibly mounting the kerb on the corner/bend. :\

    Being a very beginner at this, I do travel through these corners quite slowly. Could is possibly be my entry speed that's throwing this cornering technique out the window or am I just overfixated on the spot that I forget where the road is infront of me? :p

    For the life of me, I have no idea what the fluff is going on!

  2. Ermm...go a little faster or don't turn so sharply or turn too early. It's all a balance, and you just don't have it yet. Practice, practice :)

    Get to a carpark and go around in varying sized circles or LH and RH turns, 100'ds of times...get a feel for the bike. It's no mystery, and you will realize that pretty quickly with training per the above.
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  3. What Raven said. The Saturday morning practice sessions at Elwood (Melbourne) are great for getting the feel for speed vs lean vs corner tightness. We go round and round through tight, slower speed cones and wider spaced cones for more sweeping corners, plus just navigating the car park area with kerbs and so on. At the end of a session you have way more confidence and understanding of how your bike handles and how you should be riding it. Experienced riders offer advice on things you aren't doing correctly and explain things to you. Well worth attending if you have Saturday mornings free.
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  4. I second that ... I am forever indebted to the Saturday morning practice behind Elwood BP as it taught me how to handle 250kg of metal around tight corners at slow speed.
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  5. Same here. Learnt so much there.

    Long time no see Silver. How are you?
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  6. Agree with Raven, sounds like you're turning in early or putting in too large a steering input. What does, "pick a reference point in the corner/bend and start my turn." really mean? Break it down for us.
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  7. Thanks for all the responses guys! I definately have, going down to the practice session, on my list to do in the near future, once I'm confident enough to go for a good 40 minute ride + get 'Samantha' on the freeway. :p I've been down to the sessions before to follow my mate out, take some nice pictures; But most importantly to hear the stories and advice from all the other more experienced riders there. :D

    What I usually do is adjust my speed to what I'm comfortable with, find the vanishing point and turn in and follow it. :(
  8. Well broadly speaking that's about right. Since you're a novice, you're more than likely turning in early.

    Follow the cornering 101 article.
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  9. No worries, I will revise! Thank you all again!
  10. you starting a cult now blabbus?
  11. Not hijacking thread but I didnt want to open up a new topic for such a similar question...

    I have not been riding for that long but I feel like I have resonable control over my bike(when riding with in my limits haha). Anyway one thing is stumping me a bit, when going turning around a small round about where are you meant to look? Say I want to turn right at the round about do I look through the round about where I want to end up? I am getting better with practice however I still feel like I go to slow. Are you meant to touch rear brake a bit to help turn at higher speeds?
  12. Read the 101 thread. There's roundabout discussion in there IIRC.
  13. Thanks Robsalvv. Just figured out how to do a search on this forum and found there were quite a few posts about it. Seems Im not the only one who feels a bit strange going around a roundabout. :p