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Overfilled oil.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by droy333, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. So I did an oil change. Had to do the old stab a screwdriver through the oil filter to get it off.

    Anyway all went well. Topped it up to the line. Changed the clutch cable while I was at it cause it was down to the last few threads.

    Took it for a run this morning. All seemed good and well. It started playing up a bit when I got back and it wasn't firing properly.

    Checked the oil and it was now way over filled (over the looking glass :( ).

    Just wanted to know what damage I may have caused? I'm pretty sure the plugs would be EFFED now right?

  2. I am no expert in motorcycle engines, but if you overfill the oil you may have created a large amount of oil pressure causing oil vapours to be pushed into the cam covers. Most engines will not release these vapours into the atmosphere due to emissions laws. This means that the vapours are feed back into you intake and could foul your plugs...

    I am not 100% on this but I would clear your plugs as a start...
  3. Some bikes have a weakness for blowing oil seals/gaskets and the like when overfilled. Mostly you'll just have to empty a bit, clean out your airbox if your crank case breather was pumping oil there, give your plugs a clean, and off you go.

    Use a measuring jug when changing your oil. The sight glass is not to be trusted in all cases as oil gets caught up. Give it a run for a minute or two, check, then top it up if necessary.
  4. its a kawasaki ZX-6R so yeah. Not too sure.

    Oil level is at the proper spot now. Didnt take TOOOOO much out but it was definately enough to affect the plugs. Will have to take the plugs out and clean them. Would degreaser or petrol be better to clean the plugs?
  5. If it's still running, I'd just sort the oil issue out and give it a good run. Should clean them up fine.

    If it won't start or run properly, I use petrol and blow them out.
  6. well i just rode it up the drive way (which is stupidly steep) and it seemed to be running fine.

    Lesson of the day. Make sure you take into account the oil thats still in the oil cooler and oil lines.

    EDIT: It took a few more turns of the starter motor than usual (probably burning the oil off?) but still started first go.
  7. Oils well that ends well ..
    :LOL: :LOL:
  8. ur a funny bugger u are :LOL:
  9. so I just checked the oil now its all dead cold and either its stupidly thick when cold (cause it was stupidly thin when hot) or it now doesnt have the right about of oil in it.

    When should you check the oil levels in a bike. I've read a few places it should be checked at running temperature?
  10. The level will increase when warm, and it's that level which is USUALLY used. Hence my note, to let it run for a couple of minutes then top it up if necessary.

    Time to RTFM.
  11. That's why the handbook tells you how much to put in.

    Drain , measure, re-fill.

    Job done.
  12. It needs to stand for at least 5 mins after shutdown to allow the oil to drain back in to the sump.

    It also needs to be vertical and level, not on a sloping driveway or the sidestand. The temperature is not important...

    So which of those mistakes have you been making?? :)


    Trevor G
  13. Oh yeah, oops. Like I said, some are measured cold. Oil in frame, oil coolers, all that crap. :oops:

    RTFM never fails.
  14. I generally check it after it warm. Yes bike is vertical. So to answer your question.. none.

    It makes sense to check it when its warm but you never know.
  15. Its in german :p
  16. That has to be the best excuse EVER for not reading a manual!

    It's better even than, "I don't have a manual."

    Try joining a german forum, then. ;-)


    Trevor G

  17. Haha excuse? Hey I can still get model numbers for certain things and it half makes sense when you translate a few words.
  18. Question. Should the stator cover have oil in it? I've tried reading ze manual but it doesnt show that information. Tried reading a 98-99 manual also which IS in english but doesnt say either.

    EDIT: Nevermind found zit afzer allz. "Auffanggefäss für Lecköl unter Generatordeckel stellen".