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Overfilled oil - now leakage

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Donuts, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. Let me start by saying I'm an idiot and fully aware of it ](*,). I got a little overzealous topping up the oil, as it had gotten low and I overestimated how much I needed (next time I will measure it, or just be more patient with the sight glass + warm the existing oil up before adding more).

    The bike is a ZZR-250, and after topping it up I took it for a quick fang (20 KM or so) before stopping to grab a bite and realised my bike was now leaking excess oil onto the ground and all over itself :(. Given I was only 1 KM away from home I jumped right back on to ride it back, and now it's sitting in the garage on some boxes looking sad (splashback dripping?).

    I've taken left side fairings off (previous owner stripped heads of some screws on other side [-(), but can't really see much. Oil was noticeably dripping down from roughly where the coolant reserve tank is (behind it), but I have no idea what that means.

    I took a few photos but none really show anything other than various parts that got coated in oil, I'm not mechanically inclined at all (obviously) so taking the fairings off is as far as I'm able to delve into it, basically I'd just like to know what I've likely screwed up, where the oil is probably coming out, and how bad it will be. I'll be taking it to a mechanic next week, but in the meantime I'd still like to know what I did to my baby.

    (Only got the tools that come with it, or I'd at the least take the coolant res tank off to have a look)

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  2. Hopefully you havent blown a seal somewhere. I would be cleaning it up as best as you can to try to find the source of the leak.

    I would have suggested slowly undoing the sump plug and draining some oil, but since your tools are limited that may not be an option.

    Mechanic will right the wrong, but if your taking it to a mechanic i would suggest getting it clean so they can see what theyre looking for and get as much of the bodywork off. Time is money and the less they have to spend taking your bikes clothes off, the less $$$ you have to fork over.
  3. just drain the thing (remove the sump plug), then re-fill to correct level.
  4. I was considering this, then cleaning it right up and warming it up to see if it did it again, at which point at least the bike has fresh oil in it :p. Where could it have escaped from without damaging the engine, though?
  5. I know that on some bikes, as with my old gpx, they have a tube that runs from the back of the engine to the air box. If the engine beomes over pressurised the excess oil is forced up the tube to the air box where it sits in a small well. From this well there is another tube thet runs down behind the engine to just under the gear box near the brake pedal where it has a removeable plug. If the drain tube and airbox well becomes full then small amouts will get sucked into the engine to be burnt but if it is overfull the well overflows and ends up with the problem you are describing.
    This may meen a 5 minute fix to drain the oil from the airbox or it could mean the sump has overpressureised and youve done some damage to the seals.Try and drain the well first by removeing the pug from the bottom of the tube and if it stops woo hoo if not D'oh.
  6. As wot the has described, try the drain plug, then stick a tampon up it.
    They seem to suck up all excess leakages :rofl:
  7. :rofl: dont forget to tie off the string itll make a hell of a mess if you get it caught in the chain.
  8. This is correct. The problem has probably already fixed itself. Check the oil level.

    You are unlikely to have done any damage. The plugs may be quite fouled (because it's been sucking oil from the air box), but if the bike is running, then they will clean up.
  9. Thanks for the responses guys - the oil is still full (by the sight glass, on centre stand), so I will lower the level first then give it a start and a run. I was thinking it couldn't be too drastic since it still ran fine taking me home, so I think I've probably gotten off light this time - I'll post up once I've got it going again (don't have any tools, either going to grab some tomorrow or a syringe to remove the excess as the Kawa book suggests).
  10. Get a syringe from the chemist and some clear tubing (like fishtank pipe - the flexi-plastic kind) and suck the oil out of where you put it in. It'll take a while (get the BIGGEST syringe they have) but it gets the job done.
    I told the lady I wanted it for a home enema kit. When she didn't laugh I told her the truth. Then she winked and told me the home enema story was much more believable... I ended up buying two.
  11. :rofl::rofl: