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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by spenze, May 13, 2010.

  1. I suppose I better introduce myself seen as I jumped in earlier.

    I have been skulking around for a while, when I was trying to decide what bike to get. A lot of Google searches pointed to these forums, so I figured it must be a wealth of information and I should sign up.

    Anyway, the name is Spencer and I am a motorbike addict. ok not really an addict, well, not just yet anyway.

    Been riding illegally on and off (mostly off) for 20 years, using friends bikes on farms and occasionally on the road when "required". Decided to make it all legal a few years back and purchased myself a brand spanking new V-Star 250 for cheap commuting. OMG it was a beautiful piece of art. Well 6 months into my learners I parked it under 2 trucks on the freeway. Yes, I said two trucks. Them choppers have REALLY wide handlebars.

    That put me off riding, at the time I assumed forever, so my learners expired. No idea why they decided to make it work like that, why not just let me renew it?

    A colleague at work was getting into motorbikes and I got sucked back into it... I always admitted it was great fun. So I started doing some research and found they removed the 250cc limit and I had a better choice of what to ride.

    As I am 6'3" and at the time 110kg I found the 250cc to be under powered especially when hit with a headwind or a slight incline. So I eventually decided on the Suzuki GS500. Put a deposit on one on the Friday before my learners test and picked it up the following Wednesday. Been riding for two days now and already had that silly empty tank issue that my friend has reminded me about countless times.

    Didn't buy a bike for commuting this time. Aiming to use it for pleasure, at nights and weekends. Hopefully get some touring done to see this beautiful country.

    I have the following listed as places to visit in the not so distant future (aiming for next summer at the moment);
    • Mt Gambiers "blue lake"
    • Broken Hill (I have been told I HAVE to see the outback and red dirt)
    • Eildon
    • "Black Spur" (still not entirely sure what this is, but I have been told I need to see it)
    • Wilsons Prom
    • Great Ocean Road (probably when going to Mt Gambier)

    Already gained a lot from this place and looking forward to meeting you in person at some stage.
  2. on ya bud, welcome in mate
  3. Welcome to Netrider Spenze !
    You can't go too wrong with a GS500..lots here claim that as their first bike :)
    I wish you all the best with your trips/road adventures. If you wish to get an idea on the 'outback' and some of the destinations you aim to ride to, try a search in the "Roads, Touring and Riding Diaries" forum - some great writeups from fellow Netriders who have done just that :)
    Enjoy !
  4. Bikes CAN be great for the commute, but they're best for just hitting the open road.

    Don't forget to take the camera, and post up in the "Ride Report" section; I LOVE reading about other peoples' adventures on the road...
  5. Hi spenze and welcome to NR
  6. Welcome fellow Netrider.:biker:

    Have fun, you'll meet some..ahem..interesting folk here!