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Overdue on 6K service.

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by aussieak, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. OK with XMAS rush and my pure enjoyment of riding. Was too early to do the 6K service before the break, at 5K, now 7.5K later and a week or 2 to go before I can get it serviced. I could get closer to 12K.

    Question is do I go and the 12K service early or get the 6K done then lets say 3-4K later do the 12K.

    I could be safe drop the oil and change it myself but was hoping to follow the schdule.

    Kawaski 2011 Ninja 650RL is the bike BTW
    Thanks in advace
  2. I would change the oil and put it in for a service asap if I was in your position, but that's me.
  3. That really does not answer the question does it.
  4. Well ok then, change the oil, put the bike into the mechanic and tell them to service it as though it's the 6k service, then put it in at the 12k service when it gets to 12k (or slightly before if you're really pedantic - you get the idea), then just keep following the factory schedule, taking into account of where it says in the manual to do things more often if you're riding hard or in a dusty environment, etc. Or you could put it in for a service and just keep on putting it in every 6k thereafter.
  5. How many km's did you do this week?
  6. Did 100K's just today Aly
  7. What month 2011. Has twelve months warranty yeah ?
    First thing I look at when I am buying a bike is it's service history. No service @ 6K...mmm well it's not as bad as missing the first but it's not good.
    And if for some reason you have a mechanical failure..... well lets hope Pete is still not on the Desk at Kawasaki central. He will knock it back and he is the end of the chain usually on warrenty
  8. I'd change the oil and prob the filter now. Realistically, neglecting everything else on a modern bike will not kill it before the next service. It is likely to fuck your warranty, however, so if that means anything to you you'd better start making arrangements to get the 6k service done ASAP and the 12k when it's due.

    What's in the 6k? Certainly oil and filter. Valve clearances? Shouldn't move significantly on a modern. Air filter? Doubt it will be full unless you've been riding through dust storms. Plugs? Prob not at 6k but you'll know if they're stuffed if your idle goes off. Fuel filter? Unless your local servos regularly dispense sand in their petrol you won't grind to a halt for a long time yet. Chain? You should be watching this yourself between services. General visual check over? Ditto. Head bearings? Might need a tweak but shouldn't have moved since they were checked at 1k.

    Oil change is vital, the rest can probably wait. But Bretto's comment on resale should be noted. I missed that because I've never given much of a stuff about such things.
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  9. Whats the pont of changing the oil then when the 6K service includes oil anyway. So your saying change the oil cause it's overdue.

    Change the oil in say 1-2 K for the 6K late service then at 12K around 3-4K later change the oil again.

    While i agree that changing oil every 3K is not a bad idea but with my riding style its not needed acording to my machanic that works on it.
  10. whens your service book say you should do it? If its the first major where oil must be changed, just do that at the very least yourself. note when you did the oil, see if the shop will stamp the 6k service if not just note it for future reference.
  11. 6 and 12K are minor service on this bike. and yeah warranty was 1 of my concerns and too resell being a LAMS.
  12. Do the 6k now, then do the 12k a little late - not as late as this one, but say half way. Plan to have the 18k done on schedule or a trifle early.

    If you're a little off schedule that's not a warranty issue. If you try and skip one, then a crankshaft lets go ...
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  13. June and 24 months these days.
  14. Yeah that option came to mind as well

    Thanks this sounds like a plan
  15. Yes I agree it should be fine, and you should listen to your mechanic if he's good, which I'll bet he is. But consider this: Unless you're completely incompetent, changing your oil (and filter) isn't going to hurt. Doing it earlier than needed is much better than leaving it in for too long.
    At the end of the day it's up to you.
  16. My 2cents says that service intervals are too close, I service mine every second scheduled service, but hey that's me.

    My company fleet car is serviced every second schedule and has been for over 200k.

    just re-read and noted it's your 6000km service, and for warranty if it concerns you put it in now and again at 12..

    Warranty is not something I have ever been overly concerned with, and when I'm buying I don't pay too much attention to service stamps in a book either.

    Rode with a guy a couple of times who had a stamp made up, cost him $12, Southern Mobile Motorcycle Mechanics. When he sold his bikes they were always stamped serviced by SMMM, bloody things rarely ever got serviced but the books were always stamped in the appropriate places and the bikes were always detailed before he sold em.. people love shiny bits.
  17. The manufactures are jumping all over warranty claims. cars and bikes. Ford sucks big time.
    The extended warranty ones are the worst. They do check your service history in big claims. They are not manufactures warranty, nor anything the bike shop has much of a say in. They really are not anything to do with bikes. But the bike shops sell them cause they make a slice of the action.
    They are hoping you don't claim. That's how they make their money. And they can make it hard for you to claim if you read the four pages that comes with them.

    So if you have a new bike your warranty experience is going to come back to your relationship with the "dealership" you bought it from.
    Bought it cheap from them, means they made no bucks.
    Had it serviced somewhere else.
    Ride in wearing gear they did not sell you.
    Yeah... their not going to help you much either.

    We use to be loyal to our Marques. What we rode was the only thing to ride till the new one came out. You were loyal to a dealer because he sold what you loved, and a bike cost what it cost
    Now... well people will buy, swap and sell for the best value.
    Retail has done it to itself through greed. Ha retail...the implosion of capitalism.
  18. The biggest killer of modern engines is lack of oil changes! Second is using the wrong viscosity!
    I work at an engine reconditioners & we see this in all sorts of engines. Big & small.
    I'd be thinking the same as kneedragon.
    It's actually the manufacturer that "builds in" warranty $$ into the price they sell to the dealer.
    A warranty claim can be made at ANY dealer. They get the ok to do the work & get paid from the manufacturer.
  19. Get it serviced ASAP as per the manufacturers recommendation.

    I doubt anything too serious will result if you skip the service, but you'd hate to be wrong.
  20. Your warranty is conditional on you servicing your bike AT the manufacturers specified service schedule, which in this case is 1000k or 3 months and then every 6000k or 12 months thereafter. IF you make a warranty claim in the future and the manufacturer checks your service history and finds that you were well over 2,500k's out side of the specified schedule you may have issues. Most manufacturers give some leeway but almost another 50% on top is taking the piss.

    If in doubt service early especially if you have a warranty on the bike, you'll never kill a bike by getting it serviced early