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Over the bars

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by canuck, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. I was riding to work this morning like I do everyday. As I went to change lanes the front tyre came out from under me and I went head first over the bars. My leather jacket and Draggins did what they were supposed to alas my bike wasnt so lucky. Took out both mirrors with mounts, headlight and mount, turn signal, front mud guard, tacometer, clutch lever and mount, bent the gear lever scratched up the tank and messed up the alignment. I dont really know how it happened, I was only doing 50km/h. I suspect it might have been oil on the road or condesation on the lane paint. I had two drivers behind me stop and help me get my bike to the side of the road and check to see if I was ok, they would have had front row seats for my acrobatics. A big thank you goes out to them and the cyclist who stopped to see if I was alright. I am an L plater with 2000km + experience, I wasnt riding silly and am still confused as to how exactly this happened. I am very happy though not to be too badly injured, the investment in proper riding gear saved my skin.

  2. Accidents happen. White lines are the devil .

    good to hear you were *wearing* gear and it did what it was supposed to :)
  3. Ouch that has got to hurt! Glad you are ok, how did your legs go with the draggin jeans?

    Did you go over the handle bars like a stopie gone wrong or did you lowside?
  4. Im not sure what lowsided means but the front of the bike went first which is what put me over the bars, the lower half on my body went sideways with the bike as it skidded out from under me. My draggins ripped on the knee which took the brunt of the fall, but the kevlar stayed strong. I cut my knee up pretty good and brusied my arm. My right boot got stuck under the bike and nearly wore through the leather. My gloves were outstanding, held up great and no soreness in my hands. All the money I spent on gear has already paid off seeing that I am not in hospital. It's a true testament to how important it is to wear your gear all the time.
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    This is a lowside but while cornering.


    Lucky you had boots on, I hate to think what would have happened to your foot if you had thin runners on! I would say if you didn't have all that gear on you would have ended up in hospital. A lot of Cordura pants and Leather pants have large amounts of padding in the knees to take impacts like you experienced.

    Sucks about the damage to the bike, do you think you will get it repaired?
  6. I thought draggins can come with impact armour?
  7. Glad to hear your gear did its job well especially your boots beneath the bike.

    Was there something on the road like gravel or oil? later might be worth a re visit to the site to see if anything odd there. As a long shot just check fork seals to see if they are leaking down the fork legs and possibly onto tyre.

    Hope your confidence and injuries recover quickly.
  8. when you say over the bars, do you mean as i being thrown forward over the top of the bars?

    or you said the front tyre went first, as in it slipped out to a side, losing grip, causing you to fall down to the side (and forwards) with the bike, but not actually up over the handlebars?

    if so, thats a lowside, best way to crash if you have to. did you look at the road behind and around where you lost traction? sounds like oil or something like that, been there before. hoping you didnt literally go over the bars, as that can do alot more damage to you from the impact.

    good to hear your gear did its job, glad you've got boots on eh? :grin:
    may i suggest some external/separate knee armor, NOT the draggins knee armor which velcro's in. will save you from the ripped up/bruised knee next time :)

    better yet, buy some leathers! i've been thrown over the bars once from an impact, and lowsided 3 times now in them, and they're still going strong :)

    make sure you go to the doc, get checked out properly. hope ur insured too, or its a cheap fix :)
  9. Some Draggins come with armour.

    For the rest, as I continually say, you MUST wear something under them to protect your skin. The draggins stop the road rash. The pants or whatever you wear under them stop the kevlar rash.

    And, yes, I know that from both before and after experience; I have the LACK of scars to prove it.
  10. your wrinkles should cover them soon :grin: :grin: :grin: :LOL:
  11. :rofl:

    no answer to that one.....
  12. Thanks for the crash descriptions and videos.
    After inspecting my bike and boots I have come to the conclusion that I went over the bars. I know I broke the mirrors with my chest and arm I have the bruises to prove it. One second I was on the next I was off on my chest with the bike behind me. I thought my foot was under the bike but all the damage is on the inside of the boot, there is no way my foot could bend that way without breaking under the bike. I must have skidded on the concrete after going over the bars.
    The bike is fixable, it might take a while I made some calls today for parts. I haven't lost any confidence as I believe that crash was completely out of my control, it could have happened to anyone. I can't wait to get back on and ride again.
    Thanks for all the advice, I will be purchasing knee armor. If I had some on, I would have come away without a scratch and just some bruises and a bit of a bruised ego :oops:
  13. Glad you're OK.


    not quite as good. There is nearly always something we can do. Have you had a good look at the road? If it was a road surface issue do you feel you were scanning the road in front of you effectively for the conditions?

    There may truly have been nothing you could have done. Sometimes shit does just happen. 99% of the time I think we can still learn from our experience.
  14. Mate sorry to hear about the accident,

    You either hit something that made you go over or lost the front so quick that the bike spun into you hit your chest with the mirror.

    or maybe it lost traction, bars twisted then gripped sideways thereby throwing you over the front :shock:
  15. That sounds exactly like what happened. There is scuff marks and a dent from the bars on my tank. It was violent and quick.
  17. I was once on a moped on Magnetic Island years ago, and it just slid out from under me, which put me off scooters. I was wearing thongs!! Didn't know any better and the guy hiring out to me, didn;t mention it. I broke the rear indicator and skinned my foot but other wise ok.

    Is there any knee armour that is better than others? Any type to avoid?
  18. mmmm...ok...I've come back to this thread several times, and I just don't seem to be getting it...

    You were riding along, went to change lanes, and while you were checking to see if it was clear, and began to do your lane change, you were thrown over the handle bars...Huh!?

    I mean...did you hit the brakes or something?...Very unusual for the front end to just disappear like that...If you hit something, I would imagine you would know it, as it's a pretty significant event going over the bars...

    Did you have an axle seize up, or did something else fail in the front wheel area that could have stopped it from rotating?

    If your front tyre lost traction, it would be highly probable that the front-end went sideways out from underneath you, and you did not actually go over the bars...more likely the bike went one way while you went straight ahead? Maybe THAT was it...but then why did your front-end suddenly lose traction, while going along in a relatively straight line - was the road wet?

    I'm buggered if I know what happened, but something must have...what was it?

  19. Yeah I think I'll be getting full leather armour now :LOL: I was going to go for draggin jeans but I like the sound of extra padding around the knees instead!