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Over the Alps.

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Bladewar, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. Well, ive decided to still go on my tour. Im leaving Geelong at about 6 am on wednesday the 26th. ( to beat traffic )

    I will go through melbourne and onto Tidal River (wilsons promontory) then Yarram => Sale => Bairnsdale. Staying the night (camping or backpackers or something will decide as i go along)

    THEN, leave for Bright. with a romp to the top of Mt Buffalo, and maybe around to Buffalo river. And Falls Creek. (decide on accomodation depending on time etc)

    From there will go to redbank. And turn off the Kiewa Valley Hwy onto Red Bank Road. to tangambalanga => Bonegilla, and follow the murray to Corryong

    Now depending on time and distance covered and what sort of things there are to see along the way (caves, stations, oversised novelty thingies :p ) will decide on where im staying how long i go and which way i come back either along the coast or the same way i went up. (or if im doing it in such short time that im wondering what im going to do, i will go to Canberra to see the War memorial and museum, and rip a bid skid on the lawns of parliament house :twisted: ).

    I dont have to be back at work until the Tuesday so thats 6 days worth of travelling :).

    If anoyne would like to join me the whole trip or just sections. or just to the Wilsons Promentory part would be great.

    P.S. sorry for the late announcment :oops:
  2. Sounds like fun! I may meet you in Tidal River if you plan on staying there the night. I will only camp though. Last time I stayed at a hostel, I got nits. :LOL:
  3. sounds cool. give me a buzz on my mobile im trying to decide on wether or not im going to go through melbourne or on the ferry to sorento around Arthurs seat and mt martha.

    Not sure if i am going to stay at tidal river for the night, was thinking of making it to bairnsdale and staying overnight there.
  4. Nah, I won't be going, dude. Just did a similar trip a couple of weeks back. Thanks for the offer but, you seem like a nice bloke.
  5. Have fun doode, will be doing a similar trip myself between the 1st to the 3rd Feb. Going to Corryong but heading east towards Tathra instead of Canberra.

  6. My GOD what a blast. im going to be doing that again! real soon. :D On a bigger bike! :twisted:

    I actually ended up leaving on thursday morning, it was only me on this trip so no one was left waiting. went to Queenscliff and caught the ferry over to Sorrento. One of the blokes who works on it tells me to stay with the bike when departing and arriving, just incase they bump something :shock: (i thought they strapped the bike down...... :LOL: )

    Arthurs seat was a very nice little bit of road. Took some photos at Flinders and then went through to Hastings (after getting lost when i went for a stickybeak through HMAS Cerberus, and being politely told by one of the officers stationed there that "this is an Australian Naval facility, civillians aren't allowed in here" i should've just went round him to see how far i could get before being shot :p ) and onto the Sth Gippsland Hwy.
    When i got to Grantville i turned left and went to Glen Alvie. that another nice little peice of road, no one else was on it except for a tractor or two, friendly folk those farmers, gave a wave and all :) Then it was Korumburra => Leongatha => Fish Creek => Foster, where i stayed the night at a backpackers hostel that had recently opened.

    In the morning headed for Tidal River ( entrance fee applies to get into Wilsons Promontary $2.70 for us bikes), Happy snaps along the way, wish there was someone there with a videa camera to tape me when i got the bee in the helmet..... :shock: . it kind of went. "AHH BEE !!!!" anchors, visor, glasses and undo and remove helmet in one swift 4 second movement....its all good.. 8).
    After returning to Foster for breakfast, it was Yarram to be my first stop but ended up pulling up and taking a slight detour at welshpool to look at the WindFarm there, said g'day to Farmer Joe and the council worker, and avoided eye contact with the local Law enforcment that gave me a strange look as he slowed down and rolled by me, (could it be to do with almost falling off the bike when my foot caught on all the shit strapped to it? or the fact that ide caught him after he went by the first time i was stopped to take photos??? :LOL: )

    Between Yarram and Sale, the saddle got to the point of unbearable, and i was "hanging off" on the straights, just to be comfortable. Stopped at Bairnsdale for lunch, had a yarn to a bunch of blokes that were headed to Phillip Island for a weekend of piss and historic racing.

    Once i was in Bruthen, the rain came down, the heavens did open and piss on me it did! (very welcome releife to the heat i was in) I took shelter in BP servo for a little then i decided that it had eased up enough to go, got 5 minutes down the road and rained a bit more... on with the wets. had rain in patches the entire way to Omeo, with the wets turning into a sauna at about Doctors Flat.
    Mt HOTHAM !!!! :eek: what a blast, the road. all to myself :twisted: , fan bloody tastic. up was good, over the top was something special, having never been there before, it was a little daunting. All those drop offs over the edge of the ridge and things, made me keep myself in check, no need to throw the bike over one of those, because ide be attatched to it ( i wonder if i flap my arms fast enough i could fly, and even save the bike?? LOL) The way down and into Harrietville was great, tight winding and downhill, get the blood boiling when you round the corner and a 20kph hairpin is staring you in the face, hard on the brakes and your not slowing down :p
    Bright proved to be a very pleasant town, nice atmosphere, little river and what seemed like a good many things to do. But i was totally buggered, and booked in at the backpackers, went to the Alpine for dinner and then bed.
    On saturday, it was up bright and early. go for a romp up Mount Buffalo, what a blast that was, in a good rythem and just corner after corner, superb, i think i might need to replace the centerstand i scraped that thing, both sides almost every corner :twisted: . Oh, and yeah, the view from the top was good too :p. after that i went over Mount beauty same again, nice rythem. :twisted:
    Albury via Red Bank Rd nice back road, bit of a dirt section 2km long... that wasnt on the map :? But very relaxing.
    Finally get into Albury, and theres a traffic jam over the bridge. :roll: ..... lane split 8) Then Murray river road all the way to Corryong. Where i met some other riders from Sheparton. very good bunch of people.

    In the morning Up Kosciuszco, that was definately a more laid back ride, Spotted local law enforcement and some Roos and took evasive action around a big old fallen tree branch, when i went back to pick it up some blokes on Harley's stopped to see if i needed a hand thinking ive come off, but that wasnt the case so they gave me a hand clearing the crap off the road. Then down into the beautiful town of Thredbo, next time i go up that way, i will stay in Thredbo, it looked fantastic, go for a walk, mountain biking, definately going down the bobsled chute !!!
    Jindabyne and Cooma were just pasing through, but looked alright.
    To finish the tour i did a plain old Highway stint all the back to Geelong. Heh, Corryong to Geelong in one day think it was 1000k's in one day, im getting a sheepskin cover next time for the seat :p

    All up 2322kilometers and 4 days of fun, great roads, and great people.

    It was only on a 250 but damn it was good fun (and can be done) so get out there and give it a go..

    P.S. will post pics as soon as i can
  7. Wow.. Good on ya. Sounds like fun

    Lisa :twisted: