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Over she goes.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by spottedninja, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. Disaster struck today, I dropped my two day old bike. I had just pulled up outside my work and my foot slipped on the loose gravel. Onto her side she went. =[.
    The good news is there is not much damage at all, there are some tiny sc****s on the engine case and the stickers on the fairing has a few little grazes now. I guess i cushioned it more than i thought.

  2. Are you okay though?
  3. Physically i am, I was a bit upset after the event but a long ride with a friend afterwards made everything better.
  4. Poor R1 ;___;
  5. It is now known as jackalyn and hyde. Because one side is a little messed up and the other is pristine :p. Added character i reckon.
  6. The only bruises are from kicking himself.

    I know the feeling. I got one of these on my 16th birthday.

    I got it in Sydney, and five days later I got sentimental about my Nanna, on the Farm in Kempsey, on her own, and I decided to ride up on Christmas Eve to surprise her. I made it as far as the Newcastle freeway. Two nurses spent a hour giggling and picking gravel out of my arse with a pair of tweezers. Merry christmas...

    And, as I said in the PM -
  7. There's always one side isn't there. Mine's the right side. I always make an effort to stop at the light in the rightmost lane :p
  8. Dont know why it had to be the R1. It couldnt have been the KTM or the Madass. Nope had to be the nice one. I hate you murphy.
  9. Sorry to hear of your little drop mate...these things do happen. More importantly, as always, it's good to hear that YOU are okay.
    The great news now is that you've gotten fully acquainted with 'her', so you can concentrate on riding the thing, and not worry about any scuff, stone chips or others scratches from appearing...which they will in time.

    I was extremely cautious when riding my R1 in the early days. So much so that albeit thinking I was 'riding' the thing, I truly wasn't. After receiving my first stone chip on the nose fairing (to say I was 'pissed' at the time is an understatement), I 'let go' of any sentimentality and since then I now ride the bike.

    Good to get this out the way nice and early. Your R1 will become your best friend from now on, and you'll learn more as each day passes of the things 'she' likes you doing to her...and the lovely things she'll do to you ;)

    Stay safe.
  10. As long as youre ok. The bike can be replaced. You cant.

    A riding buddy of mine dropped hers for the first time yesterday when i was there. Came to a stop at an intersection and it just went over. Rattled her a bit. I just told her not to tell anyone. It doesnt matter and other than a bent brake handle there was no damage. She was ok and i was there to pick it up for her. No harm no foul and we rode off to dinner. Its awwwwwwwwwwwwwwriiiiiiiiiiiight.
    I however almost threw mine down going around a corner outside queen vic market about half an hour later getting a bit too keen going through an intersection. Made her feel better and gave me a bit of a scare!
  11. Didnt Stoner throw it down almost every single race the year before he won the title IIRC? Damn good learning curve that, certainly found his limits!!
  12. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Sorry to hear that mate.

    I know the feeling all too well. I'm still recovering emotionally from dropping my R1 at Philip Island.

    You'll feel better in a couple of days.
  13. You did better than me - I dropped my first R1 within 15 minutes of it arriving at my place when I was parking it in the garage

    I had hosed out the garage so that is was nice and clean for the R1

    left the hose sort of laying around - then when slowly putting the bike in the garage at like 5kmph the front wheel went over the wet hose and slipped out from under me and over she went on the right side

    how stupid did i feel consider it was ( and I am very sincere about this ) a 8000km old 99 R1 ( in 2010 so that's less than 800km per year ) that looked like it came out of the showroom that day
  14. sorry to hear
    i know the feeling :(
    my 3 day old brand newie went down coz of wind/side stand not correct
    u get over it soon, and then the enjoyment comes right back! :)
  15. Bugger dude... as i'm sure you're gathering plenty of us have done it! I did the same as you when i stopped at the Dom Dom Picnic Ground at he top of Black Spur, pulled over to wait for someone and put my foot in gravel and down went my 2 week old (for me) CBR :( Minor scuffs, fixed up, lesson learnt... make damn sure of footing!
  16. mine went down in the back yard, not an R1 tho, but thought the stand was down and in slo mo I DID try to catch it, note to self, I can not stop 225kgs of hornet from falling when she starts to go. did a ninja roll on the grass as it came down on its oggies!!
    I do feel for you I almost cried dropping the suzi 750 first nite is came home.. Hmmm might have to buy a new house lol :)
  17. My old boy did the splits when he dropped his BMW after his foot slipped in gravel. Apparently the people who saw it thought the tears in his eyes were because of the bike...

    As for his bike, it was only a small scuff which "polished" right out - happily his beamers fairings are the colour all the way through rather then just paint over black plastic, so a little dremel work to smooth it out, a light spray of gloss, and a mild cut and polish to blend it in later and you would never know it happened, except for him limping for a couple weeks.

    You could always drop it the other side to even it out...?
  18. I feel much better about it now that i know i am not the only one that has done it. I am just going to have to be a lot more careful.
  19. rip the fairings off and make a naked R1 :)
  20. I dropped mine taking it off the rear stand. Not much damage, other than my pride. Pretty sure the neighbours heard the expletives though!