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Over reacting...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by MREVOX, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Walking up the stairs at Wynyard station this morning, I had to twist my body to avoid hitting an alighting passenger from a train that had just arrived. He was coming down the stairs very quickly. I briefly look down at the stairs from the platform and see that the guy that nearly ran into me is standing on the first landing down, waiting amongst the hundreds of people walking down. Next thing, he grabs a guy and very forcefully tries to throw him down the stairs... The other guy staggers and manages to steady himself on the railing. The first guy then puts his hands around the guy's throat and starts moving down.

    They ended up letting each other go, it was all over in about 10 seconds or so... I don't know if anything happened afterward. The other thing, they were both well dressed, fully grown men on their way to an office job somewhere.

    My point is, whatever it was he thought the other guy did... Surely trying to severely maim or possibly kill is an over reaction. But this kind of thing seems to be something we see more and more.
  2. cocaine's a hell of a drug.
  3. People exploding and losing their cool is happening more and more... The bloke probably brushed against his shoulder or something amazaingly invasive like that! :?
  4. Maybe not too far off the mark - I think we sometimes underestimate the amount of people around us in public under the unfluence of some sort of drug or the other.
  5. ..Town Hall station can have that effect on people!!.... :-k
  6. I blame public transport.
  7. Caffiene and/or alcoholism can't be ruled out either when you add all sorts of stresses. Occasional of regular use of dope gets some people real cranky too.

    He might just be a natural born twat too.
  8. maybe his ipod died...
  9. If he bought a motorbike he would be alot less angry.

    He will have lots of space so when he is on the train he will not be annoyed by the cramped spot because he will be so used to the freedom of his motorcycle.

    Riding should be prescribed for a whole host of ailments!
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    Maybe he only just realized he bought a bmw gs :]
    (just watched that hitler thing hilarious [media=youtube]ukAhlxl4hmM[/media])

    As for "rage" in general - yep many people say the same, increase in road rage incidents the most obvious & documented, we humans are getting more ragey, don't know why. I like the "28 days/weeks later" films, quite an analogy.

    I really like this idea. Where's the study that shows riders are happier and more relaxed to support this government medicinal handout of bikes :]
  11. f**k yo' couch ni**a
  12. i'm RICK JAMES, biatch
  13. come on guys how old is that ...
    soon you'll be obnoxiously shouting "wazzzuuuuup" .....

    in fact i think your repetition of such old, now cliched bits is giving me comedy-rage .....
  14. Noooooooooooo!!! Keep the idiots on public transport and off the roads.
  15. :rofl:

    Yeh but he's still a danger to other passengers when they near the yellow line!

    Give him a push bike and some lycra! Then he shall know the joys of being raged upon!

  16. Powered Two Wheelers in Victoria Prof. Marcus Wigan. July 2000

    Motorcycle owners of all ages appear to gain great enjoyment out of the process of riding. On the other hand public transport is virtually never used for pleasure. Clearly it is not simply for the joy of travelling, as their bicycle and car use shows. The motorcycle is a distinctive mode for these owners.


    Motorcyclists are frequently highly committed to their chosen mode of transport, but the factors determining their choices have rarely been examined. There have some suggestions that the intrinsic enjoyment of the use of the motorcycle could be important (Rheinberg, 1991; Schulz, Gresch, & Kerwien, 1991).
  17. Tony that report's very interesting.

    I meant more from a psych perspective (there's got to be at least one psych phd who rides and wants to study this, where are you :],
    but a good report nonetheless.

    It's a lot to get through, but some things don't seem right e.g.
    only 0.5% of car drivers reporting delays in their travel?? and
    Male motorcycle owners travel on average half as far as male car owners??
    (I would have thought much MORE, what with higher recreational usage? i.e. just "going for a ride")

    And most glaringly - people getting out for a ride less than once a month? .... crazy talk ......
  18. I've done less than a thousand kays this year, with my suspension, knee reco and now electrical gremlins in the Daytona. Hopefully i'll get it back today for good. If I do I'll be doing about another 1000km next week. :demon: