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Over priced battery?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by v8mirage, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. I paid for a 6AH Yuasa battery for $185 today. I reckon I got ripped off.

    Any comment??
  2. I got a new battery on Wednesday .. cost me $166.30
    Quite surprised someone had one in stock up here.
    Still had to go over to Wangaratta :?

    Battery is Yuasa GTX12-BS for my Thundercat
  3. cheapest battery for the RR here is $200 - Honda genuine was quoted at $375... sounds ok to me :)
  4. Paid $140 ish for a battery for my old blade
    About 2 years ago, so a bit exy but not outlandish :?

  5. what other quotes did you get & were they for the exact same battery?
  6. dameeee..... :eek: compared to a car dats a HUGH difference.

    Tires and brakes aswell are dear aswell compared to a car (but u need less parts).
  7. I didn't get any other quotes as I should be.
    :oops: Just lack of time and needed my bike running again soon.
  8. Yeah, that's why I was a little shocked when found out the price. It was from moto one and since some other members here recommend they're good therefore I just think, yeah whatever just give it a go. If I found out they're over priced me than sure they won't get my business ever again.
  9. Seems like a pretty good price.
    Battery for a MVF4 1000 is over 220 dollars
    Genuine BMW battery ranges from 185 - 250
    So I think you are in the ball park with no problems
  10. Sounds like the battery I paid for my 250 is within the 'normal' range.

    I guess when compare to car battery market, motorcycle battery market is very small, therefore not as much people would buy a motorcycle battery as car battery. That's why the 'normal' range is more expensive than car battery.
  11. I'm now starting to think I'm a bit of a tight ass person. :p

  12. I think also the fact m/cycle batterys have to be in smaller spaces and are subject to more enviromental considerations then the technology tends to be more expensive.
  13. I bought a new Yuasa battery (YTX7L-BS) just yesterday, from BikeMart for $99. It came with a separate acid pack which needed to be poured into the dry battery, then charged.

    BTW, RedWing quoted ~$180, and PeterStevens (City) also quoted $99... Whilst I didn't ask, maybe if I got it from RedWing it would have had the acid pack poured in and fully charged, ready to go?!
  14. The one I got is a Maintenance Free battery and Moto one charged it for me. 'Spillable' batteries are a bit cheaper.

    I supposed to pour the acid into the battery needs a certain level of safety mind involved, it could well worth for the extra $80 in case you pour the acid on yourself or another person.
  15. JESUS H CHRIST!!!! :shock:

    Do they give you a free motorcycle with those batteries? I payed $35 for a new (wetted and charged) battery for my old 250.

    I would think that the $50 mark is a good average for a bike battery these days. Go to a battery shop. They will sell you a great battery at a much cheaper price. Those "genuine" honda, BMW and other manufacturers branded battries are like pouring your hard earned money down the shitter.

    I'm sure many of you will disagree with me, but I'd rather spend the money on safety/maintenance gear than have the manufacturer logo on my battery.
  16. No bike manufacturer logo on battery
    And doesnt a decent battery fall under safety/maintenance :? hmmm I wonder.
    Also keep in mind we're not all putting these things in 250's
  17. One told me that battery price could go as cheap as $40, then again if a $40 battery could last as long as a $100 battery then of course I'd go for the $40 battery.

    In my case I did felt I got ripped off... :(