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Over leathers waterproof Jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mvtezza, May 19, 2016.

  1. I am after a waterproof jacket to go over my leathers for track days etc. I know Held & Alpinestars make them. Can anyone give me advice on the best make to go for

  2. I use this, a cape prom 4 waterproof jacket

    Waterproof and breathable this lightweight rain jacket can be packed in its own pocket. The ideal companion to go everywhere with you.

    2000mm Waterproof
    2000mvp breathable
    Fully Seam Sealed
    Internal stow pocket
    Elasticised cuffs
    Adjustable hem
    Stowable in its own pocket (left pocket)
    Re-inforced stress points

    Been using for a couple of years now & its never let me down yet, best of all it folds into the pocket for easy storage when not being used.
    Fits over my leather jacket denim / vest no issues& It just sits in my bag waiting for that rainy day.
    Anconda has them on sale $35 down from $60

    BP90031043002-2. BP90031043002-black.
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  3. That looks really good JeffcoJeffco

    Might check it out

  4. I wear an Aldi bike jacket. I am waiting on the next sale of them in August I believe,
    Its water proof and wind proof, It has velcro on the sleeves and neck so you can get it draught proof as well,
    Its got a gut cord so you can pull the flapping out of it, It fits quite well, and doesnt flap in the breeze,
    Mines been down the road twice with me in it, So it dont shred easily, Bit of tape and Im still using it,
    It does go over my Leather jacket. Easily,
    Its kept me warm and dry down to -8 Celcius and in torrential rain for hours on end,
    It was $50-00 when I bought it, Its also very light to wear,

    Ski gloves are currently on sale now, I bought 3 pairs, They do keep my fingers warm, $13-00 a pair.
    They are designed for sliding on Ice, Similar to sliding on Razor Blades, so are even better than bike gloves which can be cold, and let in the rain, and do get wet,
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  5. My jacket been great.
    When you need it, takes next to no time to get it out and on, which is great if you're parked in the emergency lane on the Monash :woot:
    A good range of sizes I use an XL but I seem to recall it going up to XXL, cant confirm that from website.
    I did notice that they are having a clearance of the Cape 3 prom pants they do the same fold into pocket thing only have XXL left but im off to my local anaconda to snaffle at pair at $20
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  6. I got RS Taichi waterproofs from

    RS Taichi / Japanese motorcycle specialty store

    The guy that runs it (Takumi Shimizu) was a test rider for Suzuki and I took advice from him. ("No it must be tight or it will flap when you go fast")
    Suggest you give him a call or e-mail him. They have a waterproof racing suit with cut outs for your knee sliders.
  7. The jacket would have come in handy today...Got completely drenched on the ride home.

  8. Thanks for the information, I have various waterproof jackets but want something to stretch over my leather that doesn't flap about. I'll contact RS Taichi & I believe Held do one as well
  9. I found my pants developed a leak after a bit over a year. Noticed the "do not fold" warning on the label. Umm they're pants , I need them in my bag .. one .. must ... fold!

    Every time I rock up to work it looks like i p!ssed myself :p

    Good thing I keep a DR set at work.
  10. Dririder makes a good rain suit and has over jackets for about $60
  11. I've got an RJays waterproof over jacket - it works, it was less than $50.
  12. So, as my Rjays over jacket broke the zip last week, I am on the lookout for a new water proof (not resistant) over jacket. I was thinking of these, and wondered if anyone had any feedback on how waterproof they really are:

    Dririder Thunderwear 2 black rain jacket such as : Dririder Thunderwear Black Rain Jacket

    Dririder Thunderwear 2 fluro rain jacket such as: DriDririder Thunderwear 2 Fluro Rain Jacket

    Or what I had: Rjays tornado: http://www.mcas.com.au/motorcycle-clothing-road-wet-weather-gear/rjays-tornado-jacket

    My local store has a hi-viz jacket, but it is so thin it wouldn't be really waterproof. So online it will be. Hence the request for feedback on these.
  13. middomiddo i have the standard over jacket as below and it's been fine.


    After about a year though the pants started to leak.

    I've ridden home in some pretty heavy rain and have arrived home dry.

    PS: I do have some sandwich bags i leave in my kriega that i put my wallet and phones in just to be sure :p

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  14. I have the Dririder Thunderwear suit, same as the jacket but with the pants attached.

    Totally waterproof, and even though its thin, because it stops airflow, actually helps keep warm ( sometimes a little too much so )
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