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Over It, Mac Book Air = worst laptop ever

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TRA, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. I have had it, over it, I am going off to buy a new laptop today. This fucken mac book air crashes at least 3 times a day, and if I shut the lid and then pull the 3g modem or ethernet dongle out it locks up and wont sleep. When this happens and I put it in my backpack to ride home, it find it almost on fire when I get home.

    So people, here is the tip. Dont ever by a mac book air, they are pieces of shit.
  2. I've got one, never crashes except when I use a 3G dongle. The problem is the dongle not the laptop... does the same thing with my work windows laptop.
  3. They are a net book after all. Dont expect too much from them.

    Also my mac book pro gets rather hot, its the whole laptop heat sink design. Great for cold nights.
  4. Happily plodding along with my PC but thanks for the tip!

    ETA: After you buy yourself a new laptop..can you please film yourself mutilating your MacBook? I'm thinking a sledgehammer maybe...so you can see the little pieces of it flying.
  5. It also crashes with the supplied ethernet dongle. My 3g modem works with my work pc ok. We also have 3 other staff using the same 3g modem on windows laptops and they dont have an issue.

  6. I was thinking about upgrading to a macbook pro, because I was going to do some iPhone dev (plus they have the best screens for my hobby, photography), but not so sure now. It looks like android might be the way to go now for mobile stuff.

    What to do...I am torn between getting another mac or a sony vaio.
  7. Samsung Series 9, lighter and Windows 7

  8. So because you have no idea how to run maintenance over it by resetting the pram repairing the permissions, running disk doctor to repair corruptions they are pieces of shit?
    You don't deserve a mac.
  9. You dont deserve to breath oxygen.
  10. I thought the reason why you bought a Mac was you didn't have to do this. Certainly seems to be the response when people allege they are gutless and not compatible with stuff.
  11. So I can be like you?
    No thanks
  12. Why quote the clueless?
  13. So why would you own a MAC?
  14. I own both, they both have their flaws, I prefer the mac interface.
  15. Smee is a mac biggot, so dont expect a sensible response from him.

    The reason you own a mac book air is because its the best size notebook in its class. More like a real notebook than a netbook.

    The reason you own any other mac is because that's what you have always had, or you want to be cool! Its an apple branded product after all. Bit like owning an iPhone! Some serious reasons are as I have suggested, best screen on the market for photography in the field, or you want to do apple dev work.
  16. Uh oooooh. Here we go girls and boys hahahahahahahaha.
    Mac's = too farken dear.
    Every other lap top. = Built Like Ford...... Shoite.
    Oh cept my Toshiba A500. The keys light up ... Ooooh pretty.
  17. Incorrect
    All I said is if you cannot maintain a mac then don't use one.
    I have both platforms but prefer the mac interface.
  18. If you eject the dongles before pulling them out, does the problem still happen?

    Lots of drivers don't like their devices just pulled out of the computer, and will go made trying to find them again. Ejecting a device is easy on a Mac isn't it? I'm a Windows guy myself, but have to support an iMac.
  19. hey dude if you're buying a new one can i have it?