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Over filled with oil after service.

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Muppet, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. So Ninja 650 went for its 1000K service on friday. So i picked up the bike and ride it home (didnt do the usual pre ride check, Yes bad i know) anyway this morning i did the checks and found the oil level was very high. (entire spy glass full of oil)

    Anyway i drained out around 600ml of extra oil to get the level in between the two lines.

    So my question is (before turfing the excess oil) is there any reason at all a mechanic would have put extra oil into a brand new engine?

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  2. You are checking i on level ground upright position, not on the sidestand?
  3. yeah firs thing to did was move it off uneven part of drive way and onto flat ground. When on the stand spy glass is empty. Standing up right. (even had some check bike was straight lol) spy glass full.
  4. Probably filled it using the amount prescribed in the in service manual, but didn't change the oil filter.....
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  5. Error I would say then. it shouldn't be above the top sight line. The mechanic probably didn't wait long enough for it to drain down so overfilled. Better overfilled than underfilled.
  6. Just separated the bottom fairing. Looks like filter was changed. And cjvfr. while over full is better then under. as a former LV mechanic. That is poor form from a mechanic.

    But as long as there is no legit reason to do this for a bike ill call it resolved lol.

    Cheers guys.
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  7. Yep, as long as you've checked the oil exactly as described in the manual then you should be fine.
  8. Engines burn oil, people are often less than observant of maintenance periods, so mechanics put more oil in. Doesn't cause any damage.
  9. Way too much oil can over pressurise and blow past seals (rebuild time) &/or stuff the pressure sensor.

    On the subject mate (lazy sod) said his oil light on his cage was flickering on Friday. Went over to check it out, first stop dipstick - nothing. Trip to Autobahn. Put in 4L to get it to full. Checked handbook: recommends 4L with filter change.
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  10. Yep better to run oil at the slightly lower range between the lines on the sight glass
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  11. Yeh, but way too much is better written as WAAAY fcukING OVERFLOWING TO THE SHIT TOO MUCH. Twice I've had two litres two much fluid. On the bike crankcase pressurised and bike stalled on a test run, o-ring on carb jet had perished and fuel was pouring into the sump. Meh. In the car it started running on oil in the harbour tunnel. That one was just due to laziness.
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    Yep you know when there's too much, things stop working and it stops being slippery goodness and becomes filthy dirty messy 'n s**t.

    I lost a sump bolt in my rotary doing 120 km/h on the freeway rushing to work. "Wonder what the oil pressure is?" Zero. "Oh."
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  13. My brother in law bought a 4x4 that had been "slightly" over filled with oil by the lady owner. By "slightly" I mean she had removed the oil filler cap, not seen any oil, and proceeded to pour oil in until she could. Then she tried to start it and experienced a massive hydraulic lock. She didn't know the mysteries of the magical "stick of dipping".
    Many, many bad things happened to that motor that day.

    If the oil level is a little over the top mark in the sight glass it's no big deal. For KLR650s it's even advised to do so (top mark plus a cup or so, not much). If it's a LOT over the mark you can have serious, potentially catastrophic, problems. If in doubt, get it down to the top mark.
  14. The dealer mechanic used to over filled mine all the time, like way passed the top mark (covers entire sight glass), this was because I complained to him that my bike burns oil. I didn't think much of it at the time, now that I do my own oil change I just fill up to correct level and keep a close watch and only top up as needed.
  15. Overfilled oil = blown valve seals.
    If overfilled for whatever reason, with a cold motor, slowly undo the drain plug until some oil trickles out, let it drain down to the correct height, then tighten back up to the correct torque spec for your bike. DON'T PULL DRAIN PLUG COMPLETELY OUT! Yes, this is a messy process, l know, because i had to do this yesterday, because l was lazy, couuldn't be bothered digging out my measuring jug to pour the oil.

    As l figure you get someone else to service your bike, so you may not have a torque wrench, just take it back to the shop and ask for it to be drained a little.

    Blown valve seals result in alot of smoke being blown from exhausts, bit of a job to repair, not hard or expensive if you do it yourself, but a bikeshop may charge a fair bit?
  16. You could draw the excess with a syringe and clear tubing. I only ever do it when it's a little bit over though - like, maybe just at the top of the sight glass - any more and I'd drain it through the bolt.
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