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Over and Out

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by bombr, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. As I write this from my hospital reliving the event for the near 1000th time in my head I can't help but feel disappointed at the prospect of what is to come in the form or rehab and recovery.

    Having worked a few night shifts I had the following day off as usual and by lunch I was bored so naturally out came the motard as I headed out to West Head road to clear the cobwebs from my head. Taking a last minute decision to head down to Akuna Bay I rounded the first few corners and as I set up for the next hit a dip in the road which forced the bike wide, my inexperience led to target fixation taking me wider with the end result of the front wheel clipping the gravel and washing out.

    I wasn't travelling fast by the time it happened but still went down hard. As the dust settled and I got my helmet off I noted that amount of pain in my right knee and knew I was in trouble. I stayed down, pulled my phone out and called 000 at which time a passing car had stopped and took over the call on my behalf.

    The long and short of it is that I shattered the head of my tibia and it took 4.5 hours of surgery to get sorted as best they can. I now face 6 weeks of not walking or putting weight on my leg and somewhere up to a year of physio to try and regain full flexi on of the knee.

    To cap it off I got a call from the attending officer to say I was going to be charged with negligent driving. He didn't give any more details but to say his hands were tied and he had to issue the ticket. Going to be a slow road to recovery and I will sell the bike in the meantime as it was hardly damaged but can't understand the charge really. Maybe I just cop it and be done with it. Hard to think straight with all the pain meds in my system.

  2. Thats sucks mate, best wishes on the road to recovery.. Are you sure you want to sell your bike?
    It may be a much needed "carrot" to dangle in front of yourself to stay motivated...
  3. Sorry to hear about your off, know the road well.

    Get well soon.

    The negilgent driving charge sucks but I don't think there's anything you can do about it.
  4. Ow that sucks.

    re: the ticket, in NSW you will get a ticket if an injury occurs or the bike can't be ridden away (among other things). Cops will always say their hands are tied. Legally they are not, but the internal bureaucracy of the Police force means they get in shit if they don't give someone a ticket. The 5 questions are biased against bikes.
  5. It's the same for any vehicle user involved in an accident ibast, not just motorcyclists.
  6. Yes, but the injury and drivability questions bias against motorcycles. If a car has a minor accident with another vehicle or just by itself, there is a fair chance it will not require police attention. A bike on the other hand with get a ticket for a similar scale of incident.

    Where it really hurts is when you drop a bike trying to avoid another vehicle. Unless there is impact the bike rider will wear the ticket, even if it really wasn't his/her fault.

    NSW Police really need to be given more discretionary leeway with this. I can imagine many cops would let the OP off considering he has been punished enough and no other vehicles were involved.
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  7. sadly, that's true

    sorry to hear about your accident, mate, but I would join the others and advise against selling the bike

    I know that's what you feel like right now, but when you're half-way through your rehab and surprising yourself with how much better you feel, having sold the bike is going to hurt more than the exercises, believe me.....
  8. Yes you are correct about many being let off by discretion. But then you bring the question, who deserves a ticket in an accident and who doesn't? How come you gave me a ticket but let off a good looking girl last week who did the same thing? I could see the area becoming very grey.

    If you can prove (through witnesses or otherwise) that you dropping your bike was a direct result of the actions of another person then you should be ok. (as long as the person responsible can be identified)

    Anyway OP, if you try and fight it in court, you won't win. Forget about it and concentrate on your leg mate.
  9. I pretty much expected to have to wear it. Just a bit of salt in a pretty raw wound. The bike will have to go as I am minimum 6 months out from safely riding again.

    First things first I am looking to getting home from hospital back to some quiet and comfort and time with my wife. Everything else can follow.
  10. Hope your recovery is quick mate. get better.
  11. sorry to hear about your accident, hope you recover sooner rather then later.
  12. Sorry about the crash and all the best to a speedy recovery. Sucks that you copped a fine in the process. Get well :)
  13. I avoided a ticket by catching a taxi from the scene instead if an ambulance. They pissed and moaned at hospital but there was nothing THEY could do about it :p
    **** 'em

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  14. Wow dude, sorry about your bingle. Glad you will be able to walk away from it, eventually. Do the physio as the docs prescribe and you'll come out great.

    It'd be a shame to lose you as a rider, because fromt he way you disected and understand your fall, you have a good head on your shoulders. Congrats on being big enough to see what you did wrong (and what I have done wrong, truth be told, but just been able to escape taking the rubber from the road) for what it is.

    End of the day, do what's right for you mate and I wish you a speedy and complete recovery.
  15. Work of a pro.

    Get well soon, dude. Shiatty that they booked you for it :-(
  16. Tell em a wombat ran out in front. Had to take action?
    I'm sure I saw a wombat!

    Bad luck mate. Keep us posted as it may also be cathartic for you to, even if you need to vent. Plenty of support here.

    Heal up sharpish. Another chapter in your book!
  17. That sucks mate. Just got through a minor crash myself but wasn't as badly injured, can't say the same about my bike which needs a lot of TLC.

    Best of luck with your recovery.
  18. Sorry to hear about it . Hope your knee will recover soon!
  19. It's not supposed to work like that.
    How about they prove he was doing something wrong before issuing a ticket?
    How about even leaving it up to the attending officer?

    "You were in a single vehicle acident so it must have been your fault" is bullshit.

    In this case, the OP mentions hitting gravel. This may or may not be his fault, I wasn't there so I can't really comment

    but from the cop saying "my hands are tied" either even he agrees that it's bullshit, or he's trying to put the blame on someone else

    PS: let this be a warning to other riders. no matter how much pain you night be in...
    scattering some extra gravel and taking pictures of the gravel on the corner may save you from idiotic tickets
  20. Sorry to hear about your crash. I don't think there is much you can do about the ticket though.

    IMO it really goes against the principles of justice. Assuming a single vehicle accident where the rider is at fault, there is no need for retribution as the only victim is the perpetrator. Since the ticket is given is if there is either damage to the bike or injury to the rider there will already be a period of reconciliation and repair. An accident can cost someone a lot financially through the loss of income, repairs and medical and can put someone in financial hardship. To add this extra burden and stress could easily put someone in a far worse place.

    I hope you mend well and eventually get back on the bike.. Good luck.
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