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Outta here

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kaer, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. Got a week off next week, so I'm outta here.

    Heading up to Seals Rock for first night, don't know where else from there on. Work it out when I get there. Planning to hit Bris Vegas for one night (to see the parents). Might see how far north I can get before heading back.

    The duke ain't fixed yet, so the mighty Spada will be pressed into touring yet again.

    Have fun at work next week suckers :p

  2. Alice Springs & Uluru next week for me :)

    Then a week on, before heading up to Kakadu for 10 days :) :)
  3. Thats it , go on rub it to us poor wage slaves who have to work :D :D

    Enjoy you trips people

    Have safe trips
  4. So has anyone rode up ayers rock on their bike yet?
  5. Have a great one guys, we are all jealous.
  6. If they allowed, it you would need a damn good trials bike
  7. ... minutes to go ...


  8. Enjoy , you lucky mongrals :wink: . May it rain and rain and rain . 8)
  9. Good onya... hope it all goes well for ya both.

    & Happy birfdee for next week nearlyempty 8)

  10. Lucky buggers, have a great time.. 8) I have to wait till September for hols :shock: :shock:
  11. Mmmm Phuket for me in another 4 weeks.

    SEEYAS :p

  12. hhmmm, I say phuket every monday, but I still turn up for work :LOL:

    JJ (enjoy the break)
  13. Cheers mate.