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Outstanding work, officer...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by booga, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. I was traveling to work today along Springvale road, I was in the right hand lane just north of Maroondah Hwy, and see a newish silver/ gray commodore, dart from left lane to middle lane, and he brakes for the traffic infront of him, then decides that lane isn't suitable for him either and promptly cuts me off (with a very violent jerk of the car) as i was already slowing for the traffic in-front of me.
    So I beep for a while, and pick up the pizza now on the passenger floor-well (yes it was wrapped :p )... Then I notice something odd, there is a LED panel on the parcel shelf, oh looky here, its a cop i just honked, he looks in the rear view but doesn't do anything more...
    I'm thinking to myself, "What upholding officers they are" and thought about the police doing donuts, but this was no private property... But decided that I'd not want to sit behind a truck either, so, meh, let it be...

    They take off and change lanes, in the middle of the intersection, good work boys! :roll:

    They then sit in the left hand lane, and I'm in the middle, I look shaking my head, but to no response other than a glare back. But once we're on the Eastern Freeway he sits behind me, but unfortunately, cuts into the right lane early (where you're not allowed), and belts it down the freeway, I gave up trying to keep up with him after he went well past Speed+GST, no lights or sirens...

    So for those that want to know, its a gray/ silver Commodore Omega, with the plate of "UKR113"... I've also taken a photo for verification purposes, but have no cable to transfer the photo, so will post it later... :twisted:
    Pity I didn't video it from the start and could have sold it to TT :rofl:

    Did I forget to mention this was another us and them thread ;) :p

    Tho i did see a lot of police workmanship on the eastern the other day, 3 in one morning, and one officer had to belt up the left hand shoulder to pull over this plain white WRX out of no-where... may have used a detector from way back on an on-ramp...
  2. Must've been running late for the doughnut shop. :p
  3. Do as I say not as I do...
  4. If he was really bad, don't winge about it Booga, do something.

    If you had a hands free phone, call 000 and report it. At least (s)he may get some counselling. Obviously they were not on a job if they followed you for a while, although the may have got one when they overtook you in the emergency lane.
  5. I couldn't see that he did anything wrong until he started speeding.

    after all, speeding is the only thing that can kill you on the roads isn't it? :LOL: :roll: :LOL:
  6. I can't say anything about the driving as I wasn't there but I can state that it is not illegal to change lanes through an intersection


  7. Lucky he didn't come after you. I was almost run off the road by an unmarked cop car with plain clothes officers coming the other way down a narrow backstreet in Adelaide. He drove straight down the middle and I ended up mounting the kerb to avoid him. So I'm on the horn and yelled a few choice words out the window as he went past. He turns around follows me and as I pull into a servo 500m up the road, he parks me in, gets out and gets right up me. Meanwhile his partner is looking in my car for anything illegal. He yelled at me what I thought I was doing swearing at him and when I responded that he ran me up the kerb and I probably had damage to my rims he backed right off. He had no idea what he had done. He still wanted my licence and then when he saw the address which said RAAF Base Edinburgh, he gave it back, told me not to shout at people and nodded to his partner to get going. Makes me wonder if I wasn't a RAAFie, would I have been booked.

    He should have been thanking me for saving him all the paperwork of him causing an accident while he wasn't watching where he was going.
  8. any of you guys ever listen with a scanner?
    i can well and truly understand how they could get confused, frustrated etc. with the nuff-nuffs manning the radio :LOL:
  9. Yep, with my trusty UHF radio, but most cops I know use a mobile phone for anything important these days. Aren't the cops going / have gone digital radio or something now anyway?

    As for the Police doing the right thing, and admitting fault. . . A mate of mine had an Uncle who was a cop, married with kids, and drove some hot two door V8 whatever. Anyway, we saw him out with his girlfriend in the city. Like a little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar, he chased us (we were in my mates car), and pulled up behind us at a red light, then proceeded to push my mates car out into Swanson Street against the lights. Lots of squealing tyres and smoke.

    So it seems the Police are human, and do stupid things. Unfortunately, when they get caught, they can make your life very difficult, even without provocation. Seems their training isn't what it should be. :roll:

    By the way Hubie, I was always taught it was illegal to change lanes while in an intersection. How do you indicate a lane change, in an intersection, with no marked lanes, without indicating a left or right turn and confusing other drivers?
  10. I've never heard of anything like that, nor can I find it in the road rules. :?
  11. i wouldnt say its the most sensible of things to do, but im with seany, i havent seen it in there either...
  12. It is because you are in a line of traffic. Ever been at pole position in the left lane and wanted the right but there's a dirty great big truck there?

    By the way, if police do get caught doing something wrong, it can be much worse for us now than it used to be, with everything we do so heavily scrutinised it's easy for a member to lose his job over 5 minutes of stupidity.

    If a member of the public is interviewed by police, he can say no comment. If we go before the OPI, we have to comment or we get charged. Not really fair is it :shock:
  13. I always thought it was illegal to change lanes in an intersection once you have past the thick white line...

    Mind you, actually finding something to back that up is proving rather difficult (So maybe it is legal?)
  14. Oh I understand it is sometimes necessary, like when your lane suddenly banks up into the intersection, leaving oyu stranded, so you change into the lane that is moving, and has cleared the intersection.

    I'm pretty sure it was inlcuded in my driver traning, in the Victorian Learners Book. . . . . . 30 years ago. :grin:

    Much has changed since then. Maybe the current rules, which are based on the Australian Road Rules, have eliminated that little rule.
  15. Depends on your perspective, I s'pose.

    If you pull me over you can do things and request information that would be otherwise denied to you, all because I'm in charge of a motor vehicle.

    ie. if you interview some guy about a suspected armed robbery, the guy can remain silent and refuse to incriminate himself. However, you can pull me over and force me to undergo a blood alcohol test, otherwise I'm guilty of an offence if I refuse. Ditto for asking for name, address, etc..

    Penalties are in place to force me to divulge that info.

    Also, you can detain me for no other reason than that you can. By detaining, I mean, pulling over and forcing me to wait until you have concluded your business with me. You need no suspicion or reasonable belief that I've done something wrong. But, you try and haul some guy into the station for questioning, just because you had a "gut feeling" or that he looked like he could be a nefarious type, then ESD would ream you (as well as the guy's lawyers afterwards).

    But, when you're in charge of a motor vehicle, all those protections fly out the window.

    Not really fair, is it?
  16. A couple of weeks ago, I was riding down the Eastern at about 10pm. I dunno about you, but freeways for me are 100kmh roads, just too easy to get caught.

    Anyway, there's me, 100kmh +/- 1 or 2kmh. I occasionally have to change lanes and once I had to take avoiding action for the car driver who just swerved into my lane.

    Getting to the Springvale road end, I notice a car appear very (and I mean very) rapidly behind me, normal lights and driving lights on. He sat on my rear at about 10m distance (it really was *that* close). I've this happen before and know who it will be and what they want me to do. As we get to the 80 and then the 60kmh they edge closer. But I diligently slow down and stop at the traffic lights. When I turn right there are 3 (yup 3!) motorcycle cops on the bridge + the pursuit car behind me. So we have 4 or 5 of Victoria's finest in one small section of road and a pursuit car that was being driven dangerously with the intent (I can only assume) to make me do something that would break one of the rules.

    And Hubie, I am sure you are an awesome guy, wonderful cop,, salt of the earth type. But some of your colleagues.
  17. Years ago I used to see this motorbike cop regularly flying down the Eastern Freeway with his light on, and always assumed he was in hot pursuit. I was in a band at the time with a copper and happened to mention it - he knew the guy and told me the guy lived in Doncaster and just did it to get to his home :LOL:
  18. meh, i've seen cops flash their lights to cross an intersection on their (red) light, and turn them off once on the other side. :p
  19. Same in the military. Under the Defence Discipline Acts a soldier had no right at all to not answer a question when asked by a "red hat".

    Lets be fair. He may have been on his way to a "hot code 10".........

    (Lunch)............ :rofl:
  20. "With great Power, comes great..... Scrutiny..., and rightly so because power corrupts.