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outrun the law? think twice!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by twainharte, May 19, 2007.

  1. I wonder just how many more police Hayabusa threads we're actually going to see...
  2. A couple of points:

    1) Outside of a straight line drag (i.e. involving corners), rider skill accounts for around 80% of how fast you can go.

    2) Around a super-fast track like Phillip Island, a Hayabusa is no faster than a 400cc bike, and is only marginally faster than a tweaked Harley Sportster(!). In a straight line, sure, the 'busa will catch you, but if you're in a set of twisties on a 600cc bike or better, the guy on a busa is actually riding with a disadvantage that only increases as the corners get tighter.

    Not that I'm saying that trying to run from the cops is a good idea, but if someone were so inclined, the thought of the pursuing cop on a busa, and upon viewing some corners up ahead, said person wouldn't be particularly worried.
  3. Unless the cop has 'teh mad skillz'. Then you're just boned. :p
  4. coupla guys on the bus forum might disagree with that :shock:
  5. nooooooooo, RLY???!?? :p :shock: :p
  6. Was referring to a stock 'busa, which the police bike would largely be, plus even being weighed down with extra cop gear.

    Various guys get thier 400cc 4-stroke proddy bikes around PI in 1:47/48's, with 1:46 being the record.

    Ask how many people riding stock busa's are getting around faster than that? I know that Adam "Krusty" Fergusson could get a stock 'busa around PI in 1:46, but then again, I'd like to see him on a 400cc bike for comparison.
  7. just stirring mate!!!! :LOL:
    I've wound the pre-compression to the stops and it's still not enough with my fat arse strapped into the saddle.
    they DO wallow a bit!!
    I'm seriously considering getting a vfr/rvf400 as a track toy for the very reasons you've stated.....
  8. I'm guessing they chose the busa more because of the abilty it has to carry extra gear with less effect on the performance of the bike. But reality is, you'd have to be insane to be chasing after bikes wearing just that. On the other hand if they let you wear leather pants with knee sliders that would have to be the best job in the world. Mind you, when you catch the bike your chasing at excessive speeds, i would fee bad when i give them a warning for not using there indicator when they changed lanes earlier on and that next time if i saw them do it i'd have to book them :LOL:
  9. That picture looks photoshopped