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outlaw MC

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rat man407, May 23, 2012.

  1. hi guys

    with all the publisty on outlaw mc thats been on tv lately was just wondering about what everone thought about it :biker:

  2. No biggy really, in the 70's it was the Finks and someone else in the news, there'll always be patch wearing 1%'ers and the media will always make an issue. The UMC had looked to be making headway, but clearly that's all gone to shit now, shame. They do seem to enjoy notoriety though don't they.
  3. I love it, if you don't like it, use the button on your remote

    Ps, is that you rattus
  4. I want to see a drama based on the behind-locked-gates world of the Ulysses Motorcycle Club.
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  5. If have to ask, what does the 1% patch mean?

  6. means 99% of bikers are clean goody goodies and 1% are barbarians
  7. I'm not sure which way your question went, so I'll answer both:

    1. I like the show, but understand that gross artistic license has been taken.

    2. I have a healthy respect for the OMCs. I have no reason to fear them (I was allowed to photograph one mob in November 2011), but I'll step out of their way in a heartbeat. I think this is as it should be.
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  8. This was my early understanding, and I believe this actually was the original Australian interpretation.
    But the term "1%er" has it's origins in the USA, where someone was quoted as saying that 99% of people were law-abiding, respectable people.
    The Hell's Angels and others gladly assumed the other "1%"...
  9. i just think all that stuff in the media is a load of bullshit like the other day i was on the side of the road becasue my f**ken chain broke and i had a group of 10 of them pull over and see if i need any help
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  10. Theres good and bad in everything and everyone, The old school bikie rules were pretty good, the new rules these days are a bit how you going
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  11. Its good stuff,very real in todays society,Sons of Anarchy is great to watch
  12. i hope your joking about sons of anarchy
  13. i know i would be a better director
    (gunna, woulda, coulda, shoulda)

    Same shitty formula as underbelly=

    glorifying montage, try too hard to be tough, use as much australian slang in a sentence as possible, more glorification, point fingers in gun shape at someone, try too hard to be tough, glorification, then show a tit when everyone is about to turn off.

    If they had decent directors and scripts with a darker, less polished approach it might be okay.

    then again i only watched it for 5 minutes before i hit the remote

    sons of anarchy is meant to be good though, i have to watch the first season.
  14. on a side note 'hell's angels" the book by Dr. Hunter s. Thompson
    is a freakin rip tearing read
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  15. If you're talking about the show..

    I don't watch it.. i only watched season 1 of underbelly because.. realistically i read about the gangland wars every day for how many years? in the paper, i didn't need to see it re-hashed.

    Glorifying crime etc.. really not worth my time.

    If you're talking about real life outlaw motorcycle clubs... i'm pretty sure there's none near me.. and i have yet to see any on the road.. except once in queensland on holiday i saw a guy on a orange chopper with i think hells angels insignia on his vest.

    I'm not worried about them.. as long as they keep the killings between the clubs etc.. and not kill the general public and kids.. this whole bullshit of drive by shootings at random houses.. or in some cases non random houses, and almost killing children i don't like.

    IF you need to kill/wound/threaten someone.. do it face to face.. not drive by shootings.
    Unnecessary risks to innocent people.. i mean they should just move on and stop the crap.

    I'm sure there are some nice people in the clubs.. and then there's some who aren't so nice. But if they're not hurting me or my family, or stealing my shit, or shooting up my house.

    I have no beef, i just think the whole tit for tat shootings that are going on are pointless.. and they should just meet in a park and shoot it out there.. till whoever is left wins the game.
  16. there tryed that in milperra it did not that well
  17. if you knew what it is to be an outlaw motorcycle gang/club you would change your tune.

    an outlaw gang or club is a motorcycle gang/club that is not sanctioned by the AMA (American Motorcycle Association).

    So there for every club in Australia is an outlaw club... yes even the Tribe of Judas
  18. most i've met have really bad BO.
    the whole looking tough and acting like big kids thing is fair enough, free country, each to his own.
    but ffs take a shower and buy some deodorant. you stink.
  19. sorry, i know that's not the intented first impression, but i just can't get past it.
    just smelly.
  20. Agreed.

    But reading Sonny Barger's autobiography, Hell's Angel, puts a different and (I think) important perspective on things.

    Another good book, delving into the early history of outlaw clubs is The Original Wild Ones, dealing with the origins of the Booze Fighters and others in the 1940s.