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Outgrown my DRZ400SM - What's next?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by gridkid, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. Much as it pains me to say it, my DR-Z400 SM is no longer providing the buzz it used to. I still think it's a great commuter bike, and the Yoshi full exhaust and jetted carb wakes it up a bit, but after my recent track day I'm hungry for more.

    I figured you guys might have some ideas, here's what I'm looking for:
    • Upright seating position for visibility in traffic
    • Grunty, torquey engine (not so keen on a straight 4 that needs to spool up before getting interesting). Single/twin?
    • Naked/motard style - Short wheelbase, flickable, quick off the mark
    • Long service interval - not planning on checking valve clearances every month. I do 50kms/day rain or shine
    • Light - Probably rules out most 1,000cc bikes. Power:weight is more important to me than just power
    • Pillion-friendly. Doesn't have to be comfy, just bearable (after all, I'll never be the one on the back!)
    I'm thinking Street Triple, Hypermotard or KTM but want to be sure I've covered all options. Your collective wisdom is most appreciated!

  2. Before I got to the end I was already thinking STriple for you
  3. CFMoto 650nk?

    Test ride that shit.
  4. Thanks for the link BitSar - I was actually reading your blog but then remembered I was at work so shouldn't be obsessing about motorbikes. Then I read some more of your blog. Then I looked at the Shiver and liked it. Then I thought the shiv might be better for the open road than Sydney traffic and I'd miss the 'BMX-with-an-engine' feel of a true 'tard. Then I remembered I was at work again.
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  5. Interesting suggestion there - I'm not a brand snob but still waiting for CFMoto to prove itself in terms of reliability and after-market parts. However, they've made a nice looking bike here and I want to want it, but it doesn't keep me awake at night dreaming like a Superduke or Striple...

    Jesus - they're good value though - $6k!
  6. They are cheap, remains to be seen whether they are good value! And they may well be...
  7. Well I am biased towards the Superduke. Stupidly good in town/traffic. Great on tight roads, also good on faster sections.

    No problems keeping up with just about anything on all but the longest straights, and even then, that is not where the fun is.

    Insane drive out of corners, wheelie happy, reliable. I could go on.
  8. Another option- Priller's Dorsoduro (I was thinking 750 but there is also the 1200). Having said that the deals on remaindered Superduke 990s very, very tempting at the moment.
  9. Hmm... Road testing any of those would make for an interesting day out :D
  10. 690 smc (i'd swap my r6 for one!)

    have you done the 3x3 mods for the airbox? not huge difference,but its free if you can jet it yourself
  11. Yes, I've opened up the airbox and re-jetted the carb, removed all the junk bits that get in the way or slow you down. Throttle response and torque improved and it sounds great now, but I just don't think the cost justifies the benefit of more power mods like a FCR carb, big bore kit or performance cams.

    690 smc is a contender for sure, just wondering about pillion comfort and how it would fair in low-speed commuter traffic. I've heard they can be a bit snatchy compared to a 690 Duke - but what do I know...
  12. damn I was considering a DRZ400 recently as a roady, makes me think I should just go a naked.
  13. Hey Kanga don't get me wrong, it's a cracking bike and loads of fun. I'm just getting sucked into the 'what's next?' bike addiction. I know most people reading this will understand 3:)
  14. take everything you are considering for a test ride. no one can tell you what exact bike will suit your personal needs but the 690 would be my choice
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  15. The 690SMC is a dream in town, awesome engine and lovely manners if you can behave yourself.
  16. Finally found the time to test ride the Street Tripe and the Duke. Will share my thoughts when I get back :)
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  17. VFR800 Tri colour with Leo Vince pipes
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  18. Looking forward to reading about the experience......

    Two very different machines.......one scalpel, one animal.......both balls out fun :D