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Outback ride on Transalp 700

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by La Fletche, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. Just returned from a trip to the edge of the Simson Desert on a Transalp 700 and I can say that it was a bike that surpassed my expectations off road. Did just over 4100km with the majority on dirt and travelled like a dream. Spoke to plenty of BMW 1200 and V-Strom riders that were doing it very tough and were looking very tired and all I could do was smile about the joy I was having on the sand and stone roads.
    Please consider the Transalp 700 as they are very underrated in there class. The Mitas E-09 tyres were a great investment.


    Definately a go anywere motorcycle.
  2. I've met many Tranny owners in far away places and they were all smiling.
    (Even got to ride one part of the way across Iran for it's injured owner :) )

    What Ewen and Charlie should have used, if they weren't such poseurs.
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  4. you should put your ride report on this site as well

    Roads, Touring, and Riding Diaries :grin:
  5. I sat on the previous model today. A nice fit and not too bulky. They seem to have been off a lot of people's radar because they were sometimes on the pricey side for the engine capacity. Build quality is good though.

    In hindsight I probably should have taken it for a spin to get a feel for it, but after trying two Speed Triples and a KTM RC8 it might have seemed a bit slow.

    Then again, it might have felt just right.

    Something for the to do list, because I reckon I could do some distance on one.
  6. Nice! I think it is a bigger achievement to get it to stay up on its side stand on soft sand like that!! :shock: Did you have to run and take the photos very quickly?