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Out with Tony in with Malcolm

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mcsenna, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. Will be interesting to see if Turnbull brings his own agenda or whether its more of the same.

  2. Last time he was prepared to lose the Party leadership over policy; it will indeed be interesting to see if his agenda is brought to the fore like that again. His ministerial oversight of the NBN doesn't inspire my confidence. The number of these pre-emptive spills between the two major parties over the past five years has an element of farce about it.
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    he didn't have much choice but to f##k up the NBN... he was ordered to "ferociously demolish" it

    and he has :D

    if you were Tony... would you go to work tomorrow or chuck a sickie? :D
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  4. Abbott, a shining example of what happens when ambition outweighs talent.

    He was just an incredibly unremarkable person that strived to be way too much more.
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  5. he still gets a $300K annual pension for life... that was worth it :) (for him)
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  6. Maybe not. He missed the qualifying two years by a few days.
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  7. Hopefully we won't just have three word slogans anymore. I heard Turnball talk in a pub about 8 months ago, and I was impressed. He was able to explain himself, deal with difficult problems, and listen to the question. But overall, he thought beyond the next five minutes.
  8. I sure hope so ....
    "Malcolm Turnbull has promised to tell us the truth. He says he is offering a new style of leadership that "respects people's intelligence, that explains complex issues and then sets out a course of action". It'll be "advocacy, not slogans".​
  9. wow, that's a novel approach for an Aussie Government :D

    can Turnbull... speak whole... sentences without............pausing?
  10. The issue for Malcolm is stopping at the end of the sentence. Sometimes he goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on.

    You get the idea.
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  11. When Tony got the word,
    He vanished into thin air,
    And its Malcom's Turn,
    to go full bulltard.
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  12. it was a late night.. and Politicians are sometimes just like any other homeless person :)
  13. But he was talking about/to his Cabinet Ministers
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  14. Abbott could serve less time as Prime Minister than Rudd or Gillard - 9news.com.au

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s time spent in the top job could amount to less than each of Kevin Rudd’s or Julia Gillard’s terms, if Malcolm Turnbull wins Liberal leadership in his formal challenge made today.
    Mr Abbott is four days shy of marking his second anniversary in office on September 18, and has served as Prime Minister for one year and 360 days.

    If he loses leadership today, he would become the 10th shortest-serving Prime Minister of Australia.

    Gillard was 3years 3 days, Krudd was 2 years 286 days

    Two/Thirds Term Tony :D

    on the downside... Morrison as Treasurer?? Pyne as Defence Minister? oh dear....
  15. Well the alternative of Bill Shorten as PM just makes me cringe
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  16. You could just as easily be talking about the last three prime ministers including Tony. Lack of talent isn't the sole province of the Libs, it seems to run through politics at all levels these days. Short term thinkers about pretty much everything except their own futures.
    Time will tell if Turnbull is any different, if all the commies can offer is Shorten as an alternative it shouldn't be too hard.
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  17. I hope Labour can field a decent opposition leader to keep Talcum Firmballs on his game.
    Shorten is useless.
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  18. ... But my wife was just getting used to her ironing...and I get to build some muscles working with that shovel... What now???
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