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out with fighting ...in with riding

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dee057, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. Hey Guys,

    After being a reader for a long time i decided to finally stop being lazy and join up.

    used to ride my track bike aprilia rs250 in sydney and around other tracks , then moved onto professional Fighting Muay thai in thailand and around the world ...now hung up the gloves for a bit to give my body a break.

    my beautiful dream bike (ducati 848) seems to ease the boredom .....

    ANy riders in sydney ride during the week? eg friday or wednesday?

  2. welcome to NR, and a Duc would ease anyones boredom i think
  3. welcome to netrider, i ride on weekdays some weeks as i'm a shift worker, but usually south of sydney around mac pass, kangaroo valley type rides
  4. Welcome to a quieter sport, and Netrider.
  5. Hey man, welcome to the forum. My two favourite things at the moment is MMA & riding.

    How'd you go in Thailand? Any fight videos online?
  6. Hey, welcome.

    Sometimes during the week I go for a punt up The Old Road later in the afternoon. Bit random though, it is normally if I am bored at work ;)
  7. welcome to NR, 848's are a fav of mine
  8. #8 Dee057, Dec 6, 2011
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    thanks for the replies...

    Yes there are a few videos. Type in Dylan Resnekov.
    I didnt post majority of my fights up just because my opponents would study it but there are a few....

    [media=youtube]NgI5uWxyBmk[/media] (this one i got punched in the back of the head twice and ended up with a brain haemorrhage)

    [media=youtube]g-AY64W3c9o[/media] (very very old one from my early years)

    [media=youtube]wUt8XYwU1R8[/media] (almost 6 yrs ago slug fest)

    [media=youtube]OTtxQDm4Dx8[/media] (january this year...after a big break.....was a bit of fun)

    A few more some where on there....
  9. skills!
  10. wow skills indeed.....................good night irene for the first but what a fight.

    Have fun in the fun house, welcome to NR.....................
  11. Dude, I swear that I have never met your sister...
  12. Welcome to the netrider Mate...will ya be my bodyguard? LOL


  13. Welcome to NR :). Great to have you with us. Loved the fights btw. I love watching Muay Thai, but, I must say, after watching so much MMA (love MMA) it's frustrating watching the ref jump in so quickly with a knock down. Not to disrespect your fights, they were awesome to watch.

    Enjoy the bike, stay upright.
  14. Welcome to NR. Nice bike there as well. (y)