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Out of work.... Not any more!!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Drew, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. Yup.... now looking for work as I've been made redundant :(

    wonderful feeling.

    So if anyone happens to know of a IT job (Sys admin, network and server support, among other stuff) thats available... please let me know.

  2. Bummer, mate.....

    I've got my best quality job leads (and ALL of the people who've bothered to ring me back) from seek.com.au (which someone here kindly recommmeded to me, thanks whoever it was :))
  3. Yeah i've already had the Seek servers running overtime today......found a few poosibilities so hopefully it shouldn't take too long.

    Luckily i have till the end of the year before it gets seriously urgent.
  4. I'm a recruitment consultant (All internal, no fcuking you around like other guys) I'll check with the IT blokes and see if anything's going. What sort of stuff do you do?
  5. Darn Drew, that's not good this time of year :cry:

    May the employment fairies be looking over your shoulder and find you something better :angel: That goes for you too Paul :grin:
  6. Seek rocks. Centrelink and the "Job search network" is a joke.
    Agree with Paul, the only callbacks and responses I've had have been through Seek. Seems people actually paying to find employees are more professional.
    What is it with IT, why do people get laid off so frequently? I think I'd be off to another career.....

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. what do i do...? good question. Current job has had me doing basic helpdesk type work, on site tech support, install and maintain PC, server config and maintenance, systems analysis, network design and implementation.

    I am also looking at getting into a bit more sys admin type work.

    Reason i'm out of work is because i'm too good :grin:

    Our clients have started to go elsewhere for services, and the ones that we still have are running smoothly (knew i should have uploaded a few buge to each PC) and i'm hardly doing anything anymore.....company also does a lot of project management and that is where most of the business is going.
  8. Server service types? I.e. Db, mail, FS, etc.
    Hardware types?

    These things might help your case :)
  9. That's a bugger Drew. :( All the best with your job searching. You're lucky in that you're able to work in the city - lots of jobs around surely?

  10. Drew, What systems? Unix - aix, linux ... windows, terminal services, citrix.
    I work for a ERP, EMS vendor (or whatever acronym is being used today) clients often looking for people. Can't promise but might be able to give you a few to cold call.
  11. some linux but mainly MS server variants
    done a little with exchange and SQL server
    active directory
    windows terminal services
    Watchguard Firebox + VPN system
    Pervasive database engine
    worked on basic PC hardware and Intel servers.

    wasn't intending this to become an online CV though.
  12. No problem mate.


    Don't let it get you down. I was made reduntant at christmas last year and it led to a better job.
  13. Try http://www.careers.vic.gov.au/ and www.byron.com.au as well, if you need a hand with your resume PM me and I'll have a quick look at it for you. I work in an employment agency (as a trainer, but have worked as an employment consultant).

    Yeah it's a sh*tter to have this happen, but it could be the start of a new direction or other changes and there's nothing wrong with that.
  14. looking at this as a chance to change directions a bit

    i currently work in a small company with a number of small clients. As good as this is for gaining a wide range of skills, I have been feeling as though alarger dedicated job would be good...... so i'm here trawling through the Sys admin and support jobs :)

    My boss wants me to continue a few of the smaller clients after hours or on weekends.....which i'll agree too cuase there is some seriously good bonuses to be had with a couple of these.
  15. now where have i read that before? :-k

    oh that's right... the other 30 emails now sitting in my inbox. :furious:

    Christmas ain't gonna be fun. :evil:
  16. Fancy a move to Canberra? IT everywhere.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. It's not out of the question :)

    willhave to do a few searches and see what's available.
  18. Is there *nix work up there in Canberra? I might 'need' to go there for a while after I recover to get easy work as I know a few people up there, could treat it as a working holiday and then look for work back in Melb after a while instead of trying to compete against people down here after an extended break off due to injury. (Sorry for hijack)
  19. i'd love to get work with unix type systems... got basic knowledge but nothing near what i'd need for a job...so windoze it is till i can get some more unix 'sperience.
  20. It wouldn't be too easy getting work with unix systems unless you have the experience. I recommend installing linux/free unix systems at home to get experience :)