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Out of whack......

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Peanuts, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. I am a new rider. Have only been riding since the end of August and still on my Ls (I know! I am the world's worst procrastinator!). I ride a 200cc Aprilia Sportcity scooter and absolutely love riding. Wish I had started 40 years earlier. I ride everyday and in all weathers and have clocked up about 8,000 kms so far.

    Today I had a really crap ride back from Oakleigh to Footscray, down the Monash. Nothing particularly bad happened, the cagers were not especially more stupid than normal, but for some reason everything just felt out of whack. I just didn't feel in sync with myself or the bike and I didn't like that feeling. I slapped myself around the head a couple of times and made sure I was extra alert as I figured that this could well be the sort of time where I might come unstuck. As it happens, I didn't and made it home with no problems, but was just wondering if more experienced riders ever feel like this. Are there times when it just doesn't gel? And if so, how do you cope with it? Usually I feel really at one with the bike; even on days when there are endless idiots to cope with, I still have a great ride. Maybe it's just me???? Anyway, I shall be out there tomorrow and intend to have a great ride to make up for today.

  2. I wouldn't call you the worst procrastinator - A friend of mine has you beat. Diasis got his L's a year before I did... And was still on his L's when I did my license test 3 months later... And was still on his L's when my license became unrestricted 12 months later...

    ... And now, six months after that, is still on his L's. :LOL:
  3. Yep, sometimes the rhythm or feelings of riding are just not there. If a ride turns out like that after you start, you just have to persevere. If you feel a bit out of whack before you go, don't :).
  4. yeah i get really bored when riding home from cabramatta from a friend's place and man i was so out of it and just couldnt sync with the mindset. but still i had to just get it together and concentrate on the road and mirrors so that i can come home in one piece and my gf / family wont hav to get a call from police telling them about what has just happened.

    We're human :) we have feelings and thoughts. unlike robot its programed and can tolerate anything
  5. I see the answer to your problem there. :LOL: :LOL:

    No offense intended to all those who ride scooters
  6. Don't stress.. I sometimes still get 'bad days' when dont feel 'one' with the bike. Shit happens :?
  7. So why say it then ya tool :roll: It's offensive.

    OP - I have days like this and it's a strange feeling, I know. You feel like your concentration level is well below where it should be and you catch yourself in a bad lane position and think "f***, what am I doing??!" :LOL:

    When this happens go back to basics. Actually talk yourself through what you're seeing on the road (eg- car pulling out on left, move right - lights changing to orange - oily spot on road etc) and you'll find yourself back where you should be mentally in no time :wink:

    Just my 2c
  8. + 1 Dougz.

    When you feel like that it's your subconscious telling you to take extra care, that's all. Hard to know why, there's certainly a reason, often it's simply to stop you getting too confident and complacent.

    It certainly doesn't mean that you will have an accident.

    Make sure that you keep riding though, this will pass with more time in the saddle.
  9. Yeah, it wasn't even as though it was my brain that wasn't working though. I just felt like my actual physical skills (such as they are at this stage :) ) had slipped back a notch or two.

    Anyway, have done a lot of riding today and happy to say that everything felt fine and back to normal. Even did a very confident u turn in front of the house when I got home :grin:

    But it's good to know that more experienced riders still occasionally feel this, and if it happens again, I'll be on the lookout and take extra care.