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Out of the wood-work they crawl, and call....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mattb, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. I'm listing the GR650 on eBay, and it's drawing every fruit-loop and his canary! People who call, talk for half an hour, then tell you the price is too much or that they don't have the money. People who make a time to come round, the cash in their hand, then never show. People who don't read the description then complain about my not listing things in it, which I mentioned twice. People who get cranky because I won't hold the bike for weeks for them without payment. People who really really want it but need me to seriously lower the price because a front tyre will apparently cost them some ludicrous amount. People for whom $1600 is just a ridiculous price to pay for a good running bike, so what giveaway price can I offer? I've always sold my bikes on to friends, so this is new to me: Is this what life's like for the average seller?

  2. yep selling is an absolute pain some times. i know ive done it a handfull of times in the last 2 years alone.

    Ive just worked out its allot easier to crash them and deal with the insurance agency's then sell
  3. Yeeeep sounds about right.

    The guy who bought my 250 haggled hard due to it needing new tyres for a road worthy. Even though the bike had low km's and was only 2 years old, apparently it was almost worthless or something as a result of needing new bloody tyres. Discussed this for a good half an hour or so until I gave up arguing, dropped the price by $500, we had a deal and he paid a deposit.

    Then called later and wanted me to drop another $100 off the price due to the things that needed to be done for the RWC. He then said something about wanting another few hundred off.

    I just got angry and said "Look mate, you've put down the deposit, we had an agreement and NOTHING has changed since that agreement was made. Now you either want the bloody bike for the agreed price or you don't, in which case you can come get your deposit and find another bike to buy".

    Thankfully he was rather keen on it and backed down immediately, but the negotiation part should not have been that painful. There's negotiating and then there's being an unrealistic pain in the arse.
  4. Yup, pretty much. It's the main reason why I tend not to sell bikes (apart from the fact that I grind them to powder of course).

    Just wait until you come to sell the Honda. People who ring up about Hondas are by far the worst :wink:.
  5. A million tyre kickers, people trying to screw you down on a ridiculous price, idiots who dont read past the first line of the ad, yep, pretty standard really. Always better selling to mates.
  6. A GR 650 you say for $1600.00 is this correct?

    I may be interested in this jigger.......
  7. I sold some hard to find fairing panels on flea-bay. Went for $1.05. I wrote in the ad "pick up" and "cash only". The "winner" tried to pay through paypal and expected me to deliver them to Melbourne for him for the $1.05. Even sent an abusive e-mail to that effect.

    In the end I just said "if you want the bloody things get someone to pick them up or they are going in the bin. I won't charge you the $1.05".

    Still took the dick 3 weeks to sort it out.

    btw I've seen OK only GR650s going for $3k. Too much in my mind, but $1600 is more than fair. If I didn't already have a project bike, I'd find the dough for you.
  8. I just had a look at the listing and if I had the money I'd be interested in it too :) Been thinking about an older bike to muck around with and $1,600 is very reasonable.
  9. I had the EXACT same thing happen to me two weeks ago. Listed three things, all pickup only and ALL three peanuts lived in other states. Amazing.

    Best of luck with the bike Matt!
  10. Welll..... you can't do cash only on ebay... so that is kind of your fault... you have to offer PayPal.

    If you stated it clearly in the add the person is still a numpty.

    And yep...selling is a pain in the arse... mostly the waiting for them to (never) arrive for an inspection.

    That's why I try and be courteous when I am buying... anything to make them want to give the bike to you over someone else offering more money!
  11. It just amazes me how unreliable people are in general. I am always doing all the leg work when I am selling or buying. Plus I am always where I say I will be when I say I will be there.

    This isn't just when selling bikes. It just amazes me how many people are late, don't show up, don't call.

    Its not hard people.

    Oh and matt. Ill give you $500 if you can hold it for me with no deposit for a month :p
  12. I've sold ALOT of bikes and cars, and people just don't seem to read, or understand (probably both) some of the typical ones I get are as follows;

    1. the listing states, no rego, no roadworthy. usually 15-20 questions "how much rego is left, can you register it for me"

    eh, then usually a million of "i live in *insert obscure town 4000km away* can you deliver it to me?" im fine with long distance buyers but it really is buyer beware

    I even had one buyer who was successful, then send me text messages saying they had a crash so they couldn't complete transaction that day, then all of a sudden they were in Iran the for that entire week (wtf?) then all of a sudden someone broke their legs. i just passed it off to the next closest bidder.

    Be wary of people that send you emails saying "if they dont pay ill offer this amount" because ive had MANY fake bidders to rediculous amounts, then the person somehow knows that it didnt get paid for, and wants to buy it. dodgy customers.

    The GR650 is an amazing little LAMS bike that is underrated, they have great pull off the line and like to pop it up easily, they also sound great for a parra twin. if its in running order and registered, 1600 should be easy. Don't back down, lots of freaks out there but there will always be that one genuine buyer that you hope for.
  13. I've ridden it and it could do with some new bearings and a general freshen up, but the engine felt solid and it wasn't a bad bike at all. Easy start, cruises along at highway speeds fine too. Worth $1600 easy. Maybe just a bad time of year?
  14. Of course, there's the equivalent when you're trying to buy. The seller who never answers the phone; when they do, it's impossible for you to see the bike, pretty much ever; then, when you do get there, the seller isn't around; then they turn up and you find out that the bike's buried under five metres of crap on their back verandah; then you discover that "good condition" means "was at the bottom of an acidic pond for five years" and the thing's worth maybe scrap value rather than the five figure sum (no offers of course) that they're asking.

    Bloody hell, I think I'll just go down to the auctions.
  15. A call earlier:
    -"It would help if you included some photos! It's a bit hard to bid on something when there's no photos!"
    Smiling me: "Yes, at a couple of points in the description I include a link to many photos."
    -"I don't know mate! (Huff!) (Grumble) So I have to go type the thing?! It's a bit of a bother!"
    Me: You could cut and paste the link into another page.
    -"We'll see. It's a bit pricey!"

    Methinks: It's a bit hard to bid when you haven't read the description. And if it's a bother to copy - or, for God's sake, type - the link in, it must be hard having to surf eBay....

    But yes, Pat, I've had the buyers end too. "RWC included" says the add. Says I to the seller: "You said 'RWC included', that's definitely the case?" Yep. Come the day to pick it up: "Mate!" (says he) "it didn't pass a few things on RWC, it's gonna cost you a bit more!"

    And then, as per your description Pat, there's "fkn cnt fkn!" fellow with the rusted turd that everybody apparently wants....