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Out-of-place number plates

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. WHen I bought my latest car, the previous owner wanted to keep his plates; no surprise about that, they were HIS 307, and he owns a '68 Monaro :LOL:

    And I remember a guy around Rockdale years ago getting round in a Commodore with XJ 42 plates; obviously he loved the Jag, but only enough to keep the plates, not the car.

    Then this morning riding back from the Macquarie Pass I saw one of the ubitiquous Mitsubishi Lancers, yellow, of course, with JON 57L plates; I think they are wishful thinking..

    So any other out-of-place plates you've noted and giggled about?
  2. Not sure about 'out-of-place'.... but my wife and I found this AWESOME pair by accident one day and just had to whip out the camera! :D

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  3. My old man used to have HQ-173 on a trailer - since it matched the plates of the original owner.
    Looked somewhat out of place on the back of a Volvo 240.
  4. We have a rather lovely young woman at work who's VW (euro) plates start with VAG... I don't think she finds it as funny as we do...
  5. Seen a bunch of "vag" plates.

    Vag469 was my favourite.
  6. Followed some nondescript plastic fantastic the other day with "250GTO". Now, that's dreaming.

    Anything with "4U2NV" in it. Usually on something that no-one else would even want to be seen in, let alone own.
  7. saw vag00 on some random pos hatchback last time I was in QLD, many lols ensued :p
  8. That's an excellent catch, TheRuss :grin:
  9. i've seen XES 529 ;)
    and KO 00 GA
    both driven by females
  10. A bloke at work has BOX 469.
  11. Sadly I'm not at home to find it at the moment, but I've got a shot somewhere, from years ago in the UK, of a 200cc Trojan bubble car with the plate 760 BHP. Must have had the high compression head and straight thruough exhaust options :LOL:.
  12. They may have had another car which they sold up but didnt want to part with the plates.
    The most out of place plate i've ever seen is "X" (yeah just one letter) on, a bloody Mirage! Id say the plate would be worth in order of 40 times the vehicle worth.
  13. I think, in this case, it was just one of those coincidences that the UK rego system throws up from time to time. Made me laugh though.