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Out come the T-Shirts

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Iondah, Nov 20, 2006.

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  1. It was amazing to see on Sunday afternoon, that down blackburn road between Templestowe and Glen Waverley out of the 15 riders I saw along the way (it's amazing how keen your eye gets when you're wanting a bike) 11 of them were wearing T-shirts. It seems like as soon as the mercury hits 25 out comes the bike (probably hasn't been touched since last summer) but they seem to have forgotten about the gear.

    This included a guy in shorts and thongs, and a dude in a T-shirt with holes in his jeans with a girl as pillion wearing the tiniest singlet top I've seen in a while (I know, hot girls on bikes...). Another two were coming off the freeway. Not sure I'd like to go for a slide on my bare back at 100km/h.

    I guess the plastic surgeons will be kept busy over summer as ususal grafting skin onto these grazed up monkeys.

  2. I have stopped noticing these morons, there are a lot of them.
  3. And just to add to the picture...

    Apparently the only effective way to clean the gravel from the skin is with a wire brush...

    Send a shiver up my spine just thinking about it.
  4. :squid: :squid: :squid:

    only good marinated, then BBQ'd
  5. I prefer my squid salted actually...
  6. that SERIOUSLY makes me wanna be sick when i think of that!!

    ****goes and puts on his boots and jacket and gloves etc etc etc
  7. +1 it just isn't worth the stress, it's their choice.
  8. and it seems the squids are not the only ones to come out in the warmth

    :shock: :shock:
  9. Squids simply decide that enjoying the comfort of light clothing on that particular sunny day outweighs the safety benefits of full-gear.

    I've done, and will do it again.

    I have friends that do the same and friends that don't.

    If you haven't tried it - you should do so.
    If you have - then you already have an informed opinion on this subject, and will probably stick to it until the day you die and think anyone with a different opinion on this matter is a moron who will lose all their skin and die as a result with no-one but themselves to blame.
  10. I have tried it. First time I rode a bike I did so without gear (granted it was in a car-park but I got a bit of speed up), put my foot down in a wobble and lost most of the rubber off the toe of my shoe. I decided pretty quickly I didn't want that to happen to my skin. I can kind of understand it for a 5min trip up the shops, but the freeway is pretty extreme.

    Still, the feeling of the wind blowing around you is pretty fantastic. I know it's a personal choice... just wanted to see what everyone thought about it.

    Edit: DEFINATELY not doing it again after that wire brush comment, jesus christ!
  11. I'm not confident to ride around in that minimalist fashion.
    It was tempting to ride like that in Noosa where it is very warm, but I felt more comfortable to ride with my gear on.
  12. #1 - yes I'll stick to my opinion
    #2 - "probably" think anyone with a differing opinion is a moron. No way.
    #3 - anyone who goes squid, then loses their skin, does have no-one to blame but themselves.
    #4 - who has to pay in those situations ? The taxpayer.

    I have light weight, extensively armoured Summer bike gear, it's great. Good protection, comfortable, enjoyable on a hot day, and SAFE !
  13. I saw a girl near work getting ready to jump on her 250, wearing a midriff gym top :shock: (yes she did have pants on before anyone asks, lol)

    What type of jacket do you have Doonks? I am looking for a good summer one as the leather jacket is far too hot in traffic!
  14. BINGO!
  15. I'm too skinny and boney to go squid, I can only imagine how badly i'll get rashed if i were to come off.
    My elbow would be down to the bone, as will my wrist and all the other boney areas.
    ouch :(

    I'm about to head off to elwood beach at the moment, so i might wet my shirt with some cold water before i put my jacket on.
  16. That's such a lame arguement Doonks. It's not like the Government call you up and say "hey, we just had a squid come off and needs extensive surgery, so your gonna have to pay more taxes this week". You pay taxes regardless and the Gov't disperse it where they see fit (read: where it will get more votes for them :roll: )

    You sound like a cager talking about riders in general.
  17. A MotoDry Summer Jacket - I got it at BikeMart in Ringwood. Mine is in Red and Black


  18. ALL crashes are an unwanted expense.
  19. Pardon the awful pun, but mesh jackets are so cool....
  20. yeah - cause that's what I really meant :roll: As lame an arguement as you might think it is, doesn't means its wrong. You have your opinion, but don't even begin to tell me I'm not allowed to have mine.
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Not open for further replies.