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Our Worst Mum?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VCM, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. Yes

    43 vote(s)
  2. No

    2 vote(s)
  3. Not Sure

    6 vote(s)
  1. My Oath !
    What hope do kids today have with lunatics like her as parents.
    How bloody Pathetic

  2. Forget the parents, what about the softcock Magistrate?!?!?!?!?!? He should be charged for failing to provide the kids the basic of care by removing them from this thing disguised as a parent!!!!
  3. It's a shocking story! ...which doesn't help Moe's rep in any way.
  4. Was gonna mention the 'Moe' thing too, but decided not to. Surely there are some down yonder who don't get around 24/7 in moccos ;)
  5. +1!

    Giving a 5 year old shots.. wtf!
  6. Yeah, I think whether or not the mother should be imprisoned is secondary to getting the children to a more suitable carer.
  7. Of course she should have had the kid removed into care - and home distilled grappa at 44% alcohol is not exactly "home brew".

    The Magistrate is a moron - this woman's breached two previous suspended sentences and the cops are calling for a jail sentence.

    She sure does - it means she's gotten away with it again.
  8. No.

    This story is about the worst dad.
  9. No, worst magistrate. How many chances is he going to give that disgrace-of-a-parent to kill her kids?

    If she's drinking that much and breast-feeding, she's already damaging the 5 month old. We know she's just harmed the 5yo. She's done dangerous stuff before. What has to happen before those kids are taken to safety?

    This is also another total failure of Government by the department responsible.
  10. and i would go to jail if i was caught doing 160km/h on a deserted fwy
  11. well, it seems that no-one is thinking of the children now then?
  12. The problem is that unless the kid is experiencing life threatening violence or protracted sexual abuse, the resources of DOCS don't stretch to taking the kid out of the home, especially when the parent is still possibly the best of a bad bunch of options for the kid.

    It's a tough job and I wouldn't be a DOCS worker for quids.

    No doubt the magistrate took the DOCS assessment into account.

    Tooloo makes a good point though, where's the dad?
  13. +1 on the disproportionate penalty for exceeding an arbitrary speed limit.
  14. Well what worries me is that theres an added risk of sexual abuse when this mother is giving the child far too much strong alcohol while she too is drinking. Wouldnt be the first time.
  15. Firstly, ISCN, why did you title this thread "Our Worst Mum"? "Mum" is a term of endearment that children use for their mothers. This woman is neither our "mum" nor does she deserve the term.

    Secondly, for those who may know, exactly what is a suspended sentence? Is it something that magistrates and judges throw about with gay abandon? Certainly, it's not a deterrent given that this feral has breached two previous sentences. And now, she has a third one.

    When is enough, enough?
  16. I was under the impression that ONE suspension breach resulted in imprisonment.
  17. We're a nation of alcoholics and the courts are too weak to start cracking down on bad behaviour that results from it.
  18. You know, when the poms regard us as a colonial backwater that was built on convict labor it's sometimes difficult to reject such a perspective as rubbish, when you read about this sort of thing.

    But then, other countries have their fair share of ferals, bogans and lowlifes.
  19. Pathetic, isn't it?!
  20. you mean dads.

    Actually there's a serious shortage of child protection workers. Why would you want to be one - you get abused no matter what. Take the kids away and you get abused, don't take them away and you get abused.

    The pay is not good considering the level of responsibility. In the city it's not so bad, you can be anonymous - somewhere like the Latrobe Valley you can't. You are likely to see clients at the local supermarket or in the local pub or anywhere else. A job like that can curtail your social life pretty drastically. If you've removed a kid and you come across a parent - you are likely to get at least verbally abused (if not physically).

    One of the reasons we left the Valley was that after working as the head of the local Centre Against Sexual Assault my wife knew a little too much about quite a few families. It gets uncomfortable when you are at a function and have to meet someone whose victim(s) you may have been counselling that day.