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Our World Ducati Week 2016 adventure

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cazzo, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. Yeah ok, I biased, but who cares!
    Once again, in similar Italian style to Mugello, it's about bringing people together to have fun in a friendly environment.
    For those that don't know, WDW is held every two years at Misano World Circuit, anyone in the EU its around 60 euro and for anyone else it's gratis! It's huge! 81,000 attendees, on Saturday morning they had 8,000 bikes through the gates in the first two hours!

    The event is held over three days, Saturday being the biggest day. Over the three days you can take you own bike out in track sessions, tests ride bikes outside the circuit, seminars, bike releases, Audi/Lambo track rides, signings, engine building comps, you name and it's probably there! They reckon 120 events are held over the three days, I can tell you we spent a fair bit of time there and missed out on heaps but we didn't miss out on the water park on the Friday night!

    We started by collecting out tickets on the Wednesday, knowing Stoner was testing we asked to enter...Nope. Scouring the outside of the track lead us down some random dirt road and into the circuit where was sat unbothered for an hour or so. Security finally came and asked us to leave, he was apologising to us as were walking out!

    Thursday was spent on a factory tour, yeah it's pretty cool watching Ducati's getting built. It's actually a pretty relaxed environment, every bike built is an order there are no bikes built for reserves, every bike is dyno'd as well. We also went through the newly opened museum, there's a hell of a lot of history and significant bikes in there.

    Anyway, there's a heap I could say about the weekend, so here's a bit of a clip I put together.

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  2. Wow. What an amazing looking event. Bucket list added.
  3. awesome stuff - something I will never get sick of - Stoner + Ducati, a match made in motorcycle heaven!
  4. Ok, so plenty of people want to stir Ducati riders, what does your chosen brand give back to it's devotees?
    To put it into perspective, Phillip Island MotoGp topped out at around 65,000 punters, this was 81,000.
  5. the European fans really get into supporting their sports. I think we could get similar or better numbers with a population of 60million+.
  6. Looks awesome I particularly like the fella on the streetfighter in thongs!!!! :)
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  7. I assure you that there is far more support for Troy Bayliss and Casey Stoner than there is here in Oz. In one respect it's amazing and in another it's really disappointing.
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  9. We can't even make a decent motorcycle show viable here in BrisVegas.
  10. Laverda Concours was ok a few weeks ago - big crowd despite the crap weather
  11. You're a very lucky chap! I had the time this year but not the coin - bummer. Now I need wait another 2 years
  12. CaffeineMonsterCaffeineMonster , yep wife and I have had a pretty rough few years with a business partnership souring (money changes people), this was a treat to ourselves.
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  13. Just saw this, and ... Wow.

    This goes on the 2018 calendar.
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  14. ozboaterozboater , you wont regret it and if you get the chance, throw in a European Gp to see how they are really done.