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Our Workplaces....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Alison1474, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. We'd all love to spend all day riding but unfortunately we also have to pay the bills.....

    This is my little hovel every weekday.

    Is yours a better view ???

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  2. Did you steal the chair from a wedding event?
  3. lol.... no just the ribbon
  4. My office
    And the three tools I use to do my jobs
  5. Now that's my kinda workplace !!!
  6. Ha ha it is. And I live right on that beach too.
    Luv being my own postie :)
  7. Add a pic of my wife and kids, and several foot-high stacks of paperwork to your desk Alison and it'd be my desk.

    /without the ribbon
    //or the coke zero - no real man drinks that junk
  8. acutally - nevermind - i found a forum of post office owners, i'll get my answers there (><)
  9. ...bastard!!..... [-(
  10. Not really: this was before I went lower to chase the Ferrari....

  11. That an R22?
  12. what the? ahhh photoshop...

    I can't show you my workplace because no photos allowed due to secret squirrel etc... and if I told you about it, I'd bore you to death.....
  13. I will swap my office and tools for the helicopter one in a heart beat.
    Can I fit machine guns and bombs to it :)
  14. ...prison!....but at least I've got windows!...

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  15. Go and wash your mouth out :butt: One of my JetRangers, filming for "On the Beach" chasing a Ferrari down LaTrobe Street.


    Snow flying was fun, too...

  16. Haha got the reaction I was hoping for :angel:

    But yeah, 206 is a good bird! Ever think about letting someone hop out of it some time? :)
  17. I used to: there's a lot of meat bombs I don't like ;) And there are a lot of places you can drop off snowboarders/skiers in the Alps.......
  18. haha fair enough
  19. OK, so it's not my desk - but this is a slide from 4th floor to the 3rd floor. Woot.

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  20. not my photo, but this is one of the places i was forced to go to a few months back