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Our Very First Tassie East Coaster

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by sher, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. well both Vani and I also did an east coast ride in tassie, our first time ever on the bikes and the route really does impress. So im reasonably still all newbeeeefied but after riding the easts roads I have to say am sooooo much better!!
    We left Hobart on a gorgeous saturday afternoon slightly hung over but full of bacon, eggs etc etc from salamanca as soon as we hit the Sorell turn off all nausea had dissapeared and the excitement of our first east coast ride began.
    Vani took lead and we cruised thru orford, triabunna to make a stop in swansea. I was pleased with myself resembling somewhat of the cat who got the cream with my effort in getting thru the bends before u reach orford, usually by car I get a little green around the gils but on bike it was simply heaven.
    As we left Swansea I went ahead of Vani and it was clear sailing (but better cos it was biking!) into Coles Bay where we stayed for a few days. We saw and met a fair few other riders who were enjoying the Tassie roads as we were. During our few days there we took only short journeys but on the third days we packed our bags to head to St Helens. On the way there (which is pretty much only roughly 85km's) we rode over what's known as the Elephants Pass or St Mary's Pass and OMFG!!!!!!! I couldnt stop grinning from ear to ear, I was having the best time ever. We stopped at the Elephants Pancake place which was very yummy but service although friendly was sloooooooow and when ur busting to get back on the bike....... it seems forever but we got there and then zoooooom off again and into St Mary's as my bike needed a drink then a fair bit more bendies down into St Helens for the night which I promise not to go into too much but just got to add: it was Tuesday, Valentines day which I don't usually bother with however...mmmm great hotel Doherty's in St Helens, we arrived around 3pm settled on the balcony with books and couple glasses of red, changed to a white as we had ordered room service, then it arrived...oh lordy!! the best seafood platter i've ever had! they called it their exquisite selection (or something like that anyway) mmmm crays, mussels, natural oysters (which Vani didnt mind me eating down the whole dozen - thanks babe!) oh and so much more i forget oooh yeah the smoked salmon num num num ahem so back to the ride ummmm well that's where we turned back to head home and I/we had sooo much fun we rode back the way we came including doing elephants pass again . oh and i got a bug right in the eye, couldnt believe it got past my glasses other than having to stop for that our first east coast ride was simply magic and we have said how we can't wait to do it with others (sorry jj, had a third birthday party to host!!!! :shock: ).
    and I can't help myself, i have to tell everyone - Vani moved in so no more riding the three hours stiaght up the blowy midlands highway. How happy is this girl right now :LOL:

  2. i'm so jealous!

    we went a couple of years ago -and i'd only just got my L's and had a crappy gsx250 so we went 2 up on a zx10.

    i can't wait to get back and do it again myself this time.

    give you a heads up tho - the west coast was 10 time better, heading in and out of queenscliff was awesome!
  3. Excellent stuff .. and a very timely report .. am heading to Tassie in a fortnight for a full week there so thanks for the report woohoo!!! :grin:
  4. I am sure it is, can say iv'e only done it by car a few times. my brother used to live up that way.
    When Vani and I were in Coles Bay we spoke to a couple of riders and their lovely ladies riding pillion and they told us how another couple had lost it coming out of Queenstown, and unfortunately were both in hospital, apparently she had a broken leg and wrist :cry: and he was a bit broken too. shame, it would have ruined their trip. however i guess on the bright side it could have been much worse. The riders told us that they were only going at 40kph. so yes the west coast is definately on the agenda plus Vani has not even seen up that way yet.... glad u enjoyed our wonderful state though.
  5. Goodonya Sher!

    Next time ur up that way, turn left after Swansea and head inland past Lake Leake. bloody awesome. Stop for a refuel, coffee (or better still icecream) and then turn around and head straight back.