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our sunday ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by LJ62, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Hi Tone 2
    we left home Sunday morning to go down the south coats to see a couple of old friends 1 I Haven’t seen in 30 years that had just had heart surgery any way we never made it there.
    We left home stope in for fuel about 3 km from home and off on our way well sort of about 3 km down the road I saw a sports bike do a u-turn and tear off down the road in the same direction we were going, then about 1 km further on I saw him with a car pulled over on the side of the road he was still on his bike next to the drivers side window, the next thing I knew was he had pulled out with out warning and was right on top of us (Partner is on the back with me) I moved to the right to avoid collision as he was accelerating hard I thought he was going to go straight a head then with out warning or looking he braked hard and did a U-Turn not more than 1.5 m in front of us I was no way expecting him to do that, at that time I quickly looked for a way out and then Crunch I could hear metal bending then all quiet until someone rolled me over on the road and the pain woke me up I think, I thought what happened how did I get here then remembered the sports bike oh that’s right, tried to look for my partner but could not move then saw her standing over me seeing if I was aright (thought thank F@#k for that) my right leg would not move and was killing me but could move all my toes so thought that was a good, this lady came from no where and put her hand on my chest and said don’t try to get up help was on the way I also thought that was a good thing as I could not move any way. Well ended up at west mead with a badly dislocated right shoulder and badly grassed right elbow and grassed left elbow and left knee badly bruised left thigh mussel and calf mussel and my partner also got a badly bruised left shoulder and hip and stomach. Hmmm not one of our better days IMG_2173.

  2. Ouch ...

    As I said on the other thread - glad you made it.
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  3. thanks mate

    Just went shopping to day and purchest a new V-Star 1300 so there is a new project on the way, as I run out of things to get for my old 1100 and it had 96000 km on it as well just got to wait for the Insurance to get sorted
  4. Wow, that sucks... the guy on the sports bike sounds like a tool. I hope you heal up quickly, glad you didn't come off worse than that.
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  5. wtf,what was going on ?
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  6. did the guy on the sports bike apologise?
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  7. mate, what a story, sorry to hear it. Was the other dude hurt too, do you know?
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  8. Some of my nearest misses have been thanks to fellow riders. He's lucky you weren't driving a car; for once the phrase temporary Australian seems fair.
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  9. Ouch.

    Good thing you came out "relatively" unscathed.
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  10. U turns without looking? Are you sure it wasn't a undercover bike.

    Good that you are relatively uninjured though.
  11. tough luck, glad you are at least ok though.

    some people..
  12. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies unfortunately. Would also like to know what happened to the sportsbike rider.
  13. yer getting there shoulder is still bad, yes I know it could of been a lot worse for everyone involved
  14. yer he did said he was and Idiot he necer even looked And he should of know better
  15. after it was all over he got on his bike and road home he seemed to be un hurt so I was told the only thing I could see was the blue sky and then the ambos roof
  16. I would have to aggree with that mate
  17. yep really lucky I would say
  18. no he wassnt under cover he was abusing the car driver for flashing him and giving the bird as he was on the wrong side of the road over taking every thing :-(
  19. after it was all over he got on his bike and road home he seemed to be un hurt so I was told the only thing I could see was the blue sky and then the ambos roof
  20. Oh, boy. Sorry to hear this. Heal well quickly, both of you.