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Our police force ARE mercenaries FACT

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smee, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. I don't know how much is fact and fiction since this is the herald sun reporting this and I don't think the cops were paid personally but rather it went to general police revenue but this is a disturbing trend.

  2. Why is it a disturbing trend? The money would go to the police force, not the individual officers. Of course police would be paid to be there as they are on duty and working.

    If it's an event the police wouldn't normally attend why shouldn't the organisers have to pay for it? Would you rather taxpayers are slugged the $35,000 bill for police attendance?
  3. Exactly the same as having police at the AFl, cricket, tennis, spring carnival etc. etc

    Just another example of shit reporting from the Hun trying to beat up a story

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  4. Wiggles concerts being drowned out. Now that IS disturbing.
  5. The idea of renting police, and the powers they have, is worrying because it is a form of paramilitary.

    Yeah, theyre still formal state police, but when you have alot of money being thrown around, those standards and ethics (theoretical standards anyhow) erode quickly.

  6. Private security is what the money should have been paid for, 50 police taken away from real duties like crime enforcement to be paid to babysit concert goers is wrong on so many levels, much like let's say police being used to cordon off riders so that they can answer a survey.
  7. For starters, they would all be on OT so it wouldn't affect other "real duties" one little bit. Wrong on so many levels? Geez, paranoid much?
  8. OT or not the venue should have private security, police should only be called for anything that DEMANDS their presence NOT for babysitting concertgoers or are you deliberately missing the point to be argumentative?

    Edit: but then again you are from cant berra and don't know how mercenary our police farce has become down here.
  9. I'd be harping on about the standard of reporting from the Hun, not the story. Old, old procedure of charging for Police attendance at a venue, it has been around for as long as I can remember.

    The AFL pay for on-site police attendance: the MCG pay for on-site police attendance: the GP pay for on-site police attendance, etc etc.

    Blame the pollies, they required it some 20 years ago to 'balance the books'. The same for fires, and ambos: they send you a bill to put out your fire, or put you in an ambulance :rolleyes:
  10. Smee, I understand your point of view. I just don't agree with it. As others have said it's not a new thing and is pretty standard practice. There's nothing untoward about it. They're not trying to hide the fact they were paid to be there.
  11. meanwhile real crimes gets put on the back burner.....................................

  12. It's not standard practice to pay police overtime to look after PRIVATE functions , nor is it standard to pay police to cordon all riders into a car park so they can conduct a survey.
    From your ivory tower in Canberra you can see what is happening down here?
  13. Smee - is not the AFL a private function as much as the event in the OP was?

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  14. Cops on the take.......that never happens.......?

    Oh wait...............hmmmmmmmm

    ::end of line
  15. Two points: they don't get overtime, they're rostered on for the shift as per normal: just the location is at the MCG, Tennis Centre, whatever instead of a divvie van.

    Second point, it is standard practice and has been for many, many years. I don't know about interstate but I wouldn't be at all surprised if at least NSW and possibly Qld follow the VicPol practice.
  16. Not sure if it is still the case, but the AFL's deal with the cops was that uniformed but off-duty police would volunteer to attend the game and perform any necessary public order duties in return for free entry and the opportunity to watch the game. This convention went way back to the days of simple common sense.

    I can see a problem with VP command accepting money from any private entity. Certainly VP would have been subject to extra costs due to the event. The fact that VP members were paid for performing normal duties at a private function is not the problem. The problem is the risk of conflict of interest when anyone other than the government makes payments to VP.

    VP are funded to conduct their duties throughout the entire community. If an event adds extra burden, it is the responsibility of the government to provide the necessary funds, and collect appropriate fees and charges from the promoter, IMO.

    If VP start taking payments direct, how long will it be before everyone has to pay them to hold an event? How long before it becomes an auction?
  17. Contractualism and Policing in the Public Interest: page 347, Case Study: Events Policing by Victoria Police:

  18. Put it this way, if I worked at Commonwealth Bank and got trained by them (I dont BTW)..........................am I now able to subcontract to another bank on my days off? My guess would be NO.

    Police are trained and paid using public money..........I dont want them half arsing about as a contractor and still wearing their police gear............

    Using the excuse that the practive has been around for yonks is weak...........
  19. Nope it is classified as a public event.