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Our own worst enemies?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Viator, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. Went for a cruise up to the central coast on saturday and almost had a head on. On my way up the pacific highway on a blind corner with double lines, I had some tool and his mate on R1s come flying at me in MY LANE! They were so impatient that they deemed it appropriate to risk hitting oncoming traffic by crossing over into my lane by over a meter. I managed to swerve out of the way and I'm still alive to tell the tale which is an upside.

    I wish I knew who these morons were. The roads are dangerous enough for motorbikes as it is without us trying to crash into one another.

    These guys weren't the only idiots I saw that day but they definately take the cake. Sigh.
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  3. They're lucky you weren't a car or a truck. And one day that's what it'll be.
  4. had the same thing on the road to kinglake in healesville twice i dont understand the need to do it i was pushing hard myself and didnt have to cross the middle white lanes so dont see why other people have to i believe their was prob only a couple feet between our handlebars
  5. Probably riding way past their abilities and ran wide
  6. These guys weren't riding beyond their abilities at the time. They just overtook a car with a trailer hoping nothing was going to be coming the other way at the time.

    ...Notice the bike in that youtube video was an R1? What is it with R1 riders. They all seem to be hoons who lack the ability to make reasonable decisions.
  7. People who ride bikes are just like any other group, we are a cross section of society, most are good, but theres always going to be a few idiots, ride to your abilities, keep a watchful eye, Theres really nothing much more you can do, dont stress and let them ruin your ride if they keep up riding round blind corners on the wrong side of the road they may not be around too long. another advantage of a bike you have the chance to move within your lane to avoid things, Sounds like you did well to avoid them thats a positive to take out of it, you reacted well
  8. I have a R1 -- and usually ride 5kms under the posted speed limits
  9. Well there you go... for a start, you're a liar. If we can't believe anything you say, why should we trust your riding??? :wink:
  10. Thanks Titus. And while we're generalising, I might just add that all cbr250rr riders should be shot. No exceptions.
  11. Honestly I dont ride for the speed thrills, I ride for the enjoyment of the ride.
  12. We all make mistakes, I made a very similar one yesterday, except when overtaking I was between two cars, not one bike. I got out there quick smart, & luckily it worked out, but I'll be more careful next time. Hopefully this guy will too.

    As has been said, you need to prepare for the day it is a car or 4WD with caravan. Sure, technically you'll be in the right, but that won't make you less dead.

    I'm glad you're ok.
  13. I had a old red laser cut me off today on a 90kph road.
    Said red laser had about 1km of straight unbroken line to get around me anytime they pleased before a corner, heaps of gap between me and said 4WD, but no. The 4WD was doing 80kph and i was gradually closing the gap (no need to point out that im limited to 80kph myself...), and we neared the corner where the road surface is the most pothole filled in rough piece of crap in the country, and i braked lightly to match the 4WDs speed, when 50ish metres short of the corner, and the red laser decided to try and zip past.

    Sorry old red laser, your 4cyl 1.3L piece of crap smoke blowing engine doesnt have what it takes to get past that fast!!!!

    A car came around the corner the other way, and laser decides that rather then brake and move in behind, no.... ill just drive over the top of the motorcyclist!!!!
    *grumbles*... was close...
  14. Since I ride roads that can be reasonably termed "riders's roads" most of the time, (Mac Pass, Cambewarra, Jamberoo, RNP) I think I am qualified to speak with SOME authority on this subject, and, in answer to the question, YES, we ARE our own worst enemies.

    While it is common, indeed it seems almost mandatory, to come on here and gripe about "cagers" the fact is that, on the roads mentioned as well as many others of my favourites down here, the MAJORITY of bone-headed, stupid, potentially life-threatening acts of road-use negligence that I have seen have committed been by motorcyclists.

    If you want proof, just come down to Mac Pass any Sunday afternoon and see for yourself.
  15. That's a bit rough. People have to learn on something.

    Reefton spur was bad yesterday. Shit all over the roads and other bikes out of their lanes. I think I will stay clear of that road from now on.
  16. Some time last year I borrowed a friend's trail bike and nearly got taken off by another rider. Came up behind me, passed so close as to nearly clip my handlebar and left mirror then decided to cut across in front of me, nearly side swiping my front tire with his rear tire as he cut me off, to get to the right side of the lane and split between some cars.

    He was either on a Honda CBR250, or a Suzuki RVG250.

    Until then I never thought another rider would act like that, but now I know. And I know why so many cagers hate riders, I do too sometimes.
  17. There are many fine riding roads around here that I will only ride late at night, there are just too many idiots around at other times, both cars and bikes.
  18. zing!