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Our Not so well fellow Netrider :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User6, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. Well it happened today.
    A fellow ( and anonomous) member of the site had a appt today with the specilist and was told "no riding for a few weeks".
    Our fellow member was diaginosed with a dabilitating injury involving his extremities ( i recon it was wankers cramp :wink: :LOL: ) bi-laterally and now has to hang the bike up for a couple of long ones.
    Oh how grumpy this person will be , and how much sympathy the partner should get as she will have to put up with him for this period of time.

    now the question is ......who is it ?

    I can not say , if the person wants to own up they can , but I will let you all bandy it about and try and work out who it is .
    ( one clue , it isnt me )
  2. It's going to be hard to figure out if the only clue you ive us is that they're grumpy. Hell, that could cover about 3/4 of us!!!

    (Oh, and it's not me)
  3. How the hell do you do those box-quote things???? :?: :?: :?:
  4. "his extremities" eh?

    Well if its the "extremety" that gets wanked, as opposed the the "extremeties" that do the wank, then the partner will be doubly upset for a coupla weeks :?

    Black Betty, click the quote button, top right of the post you wish to quote.

  5. click the quote button on there post instead of reply ...

    RC ,
    yep , grumpy .......spot on
    OLD ...........as well :wink:
  6. Another one should be, it's obviously a male, so that leaves oooh 80% of netriders? :LOL: Should be easy to deduct from there :shock: :p

  7. Maybe I could tell
    its not me
  8. I reckon
    maybe they should stay very anonymous :wink:
  9. My first thought would be 00:00, could it be so?

    :roll: :roll:
  10. Grumpy? Old?

    Its gotta be midnight..... :p

    Give us a hard question next time groberts :p
  11. Poor coconuts :)

  12. :shock: :shock: How did she know :LOL: . Yes , Karen wins the weekend away with groberts . :p

    Have been having problems with my elbows for a good 5 months now and decided to see a doctor about it 4 weeks ago . Had me doing this and that but nothing was working , so off to the specialist Friday and ouch :shock: had a few needles into the joints . Have to take it easy at work , which is not hard since im the supervisor , no riding and get it reviewed in 3 weeks . If no improvement , then the elbows have to be operated on :cry: which means alot more of not riding or sex in the missionary position but im more worried about the not riding :shock: :LOL:
  13. once your married mate , you only get sex in the missionary position so that means ..........oh well you know what i mean .
    I aint upsetting mrs midnight this early in the morning . :)
  14. Hope you recover soon.
    No riding for three weeks. That's pretty rough. :(
  15. WHAT THE? FARK, if I hadda known that's what the boobie prize was, I would have kept my mouth shut and my intelligence to myself!

    Time for you to seek out some elbow friendly positions me thinks, old man.

    And THAT'S what you get for riding one of those Hon-DUH things! :p

    Hope your elbows heal well and you wake up to yourself and buy a REAL bike :p
  16. hmmm doggy style will work well but i dunno if the elbow would be up for a reach around :? or there's the good ole cowgirl......or the one reserved for a room with NO furniture and only a wall to lean against. Ok i'll shut up now. I think this sore elbow thing could work in your favour.....oh wait a minute your married. HAHA your screwed in the not fun way.
  17. Fiilling in....

    Hey Midnight, do you need someone to ride your bike for you for three weeks, or more........?
  18. I have had plenty of those offers hornet . Not yet i'm not NIGH7-RID3R , look at my sig , i still have 11 weeks of (William Wallace voice) FREEDOM . :LOL:
  19. I get sentenced in 11 weeks

    So you will know the truth of the old saying, "Marriage is a word, but to some people, it's a sentence." eh, midnight??
  20. Sorry guys, it's obvious that night-rider and midnight have a notional connection, I must have just dozed orff there for a bit, zzzzzzzzzzz