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Our New Feathered Friend...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by joetdm, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. About 3 weeks ago, missus wakes me up about 2AM about a noise..
    Worried it was in the house, made me check kitchen, laundry, etc... TWICE!

    I asured her it was outside so she then made me go out the front AS WELL!
    FFS, freakin thing stopped as I walked out the front door and couldn't see a thing.

    Apparently she'd hear it again a couple of times over the next week but never woke me to check it out as she new I'd be the least interested.

    Xmas day's at my place and as family & friends arrive, one comes in saying he's pretty sure there's an owl in my front tree...

    Apparently it's a Tawny Frogmouth Owl.. (which apparently isn't an owl)

    NOTE: Only thing I know about birds is most fly and swooping maggies give me the sh*ts in spring!

    So it's still living with us and now we're not falling asleep untill we hear it sing....

    My 12x zoom came in handy...

  2. Very nice find, cute critter.
  3. We've got a couple of frequent visitors in our front yard. They keep the riff-raff away. :)

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  4. they taste like chicken.
    and those are some nice plump specimens you've got there captain
  5. we've been getting some kookaburra's back for the first time in a long time.
  6. Yeah I've noticed them in the trees in our street too Lilley, since about Spring last year - what happened to them? Drought?
  7. no idea, but hadn't heard or seen any for ages, possibly year or more.

    Mention that to my gf and three minutes later, up one pops. And before you know it they have driven out the local cockatoos. A welcome change. Might be their mating or nesting season. Don't know.
  8. I wish something would drive out my local cockatoo population.

    I don't mind a few around the place, but every spring there must be at least 50 pairs of galahs, with their horrible sqawking offspring within my earshot.

    Fecking things. I'll go outside and bang a pair of thongs together - makes a great cracking sound - this gives me a few minutes peace when they fly off, but the bastards always come back.

    They are amusing to watch though - if only they were quieter!
  9. tonight I discovered I have one of these living at my house - roosting on a down pipe bend 8 meters up in the air went to take a pic and battery was dead in camera

  10. This one stayed on one of the dredges for about a week. Had an injured wing and was flopping around on the deck.
    After we got it to its feet and it settled down some, it let us feed it but wouldnt let us touch it.
    Got some strength back and flew away one night.

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  11. Who said bikers can't be nature lovers?
  12. I love raptors. A friend has a swamp harrier nesting in the grasses near his dam. He avoids that section during breeding season, which produces a rather amusing result when he slashes his paddocks and leaves this large area of long grass in one of them.