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Our Little Girl

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ksystemz, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    We recently had our little girl born 28.6.10 though our little chicken called forever had a rare disease called hirsprungs. Normally this is treatable and happends in 1 in 5000 kids , she was 1 in a million were there was no treatment avalible.

    We spent 3 weeks with our little girl until she passed away in our arms. We went through some tough times, were doctors told us she was fine and this was not fatal until them telling us there is nothing they can do. We were sent to a place called Bear Cottage were we were to spend 2 weeks getting to know our little girl.

    We are trying to raise money for Bear Cottage as they are a non for profit Org. The story can be found here,

  2. So sorry to hear about this, such beautiful little girl. Thinking of you, Nell and the rest of your family.
  3. So very sorry to hear this.
  4. My condolences. I've not heard of this and will read into it. I'd like to donate some money soon.

    May you and your family take care through this time.
  5. jeez mate, that's sad, so sorry to hear

    I pray you will get over this and be able to help others
  6. Thats horrible... Sending good vibes your way.
  7. I'm lost for words. So sad. My thoughts are with you.
  8. Deepest sympathies, I can't begin to imagine your loss :(
  9. Im very sad to hear of this, as a parent I could not think of anything worse. My thoughts are with you.
  10. Sorry to hear ......My condolences to you and all involved
  11. Very sad. I hope you & your partner are getting all the support you need & are surrounded by loved ones, it must be very hard.

  12. Very sad story. So hard to lose someone so young and dear.
  13. geez mate that is sad story to hear, condolences to all involved
  14. That would be heartbreak.

    Thank you for sharing your loss.

    Peace be with you.

    If it's not to personal, do you have any photo's you could share?
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  16. she's really beautiful. i'm glad you've got a supportive family and had bear cottage there for you.
  17. That's a heartbreaking story, thanks for sharing the pics of your beautiful little girl.

    Bear Cottage sound like great folk, more than happy to support them.
  18. thanks everyone for your support, you dont realise something until its gone, exp when its your own kid.
  19. I'm sorry but I cannot find the appropriate words to express the extent of my sympathy to you both.
    Take care and look after each other.
  20. My wife and I would like to send you our deepest feelings.

    23 yrs ago, we lost twin boys just after they were born.
    Their memory does not fade.
    I dont have any answers for you, except support each other.

    If you have good memories, hang on to them.

    Sometimes the only thing you can do is keep going.

    The hurt doesnt disappear, but you learn how to hold it deep inside.

    I will say a quiet one to the big guy for you both.