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Our levy at work, thanks VMAC.....

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by removed-6, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. Just when you thought they couldn't slap us in the face any more, they now use our money to.........buy Police bikes! :evil:

    And VMAC voted in favour of it!

    Where's the f#cking MRAA on this one guys?? :roll: :evil: TonyE, it's time to front up with some answers! How did the MRAA let this get through? I'm damn sure the majority of the 1600members and the thousands of non members that you represent won't be happy with this.

  2. If this is correct, VMAC must lose all credibilty. Immediately.
    And unfortunately so must any group that did not speak out against it.
  3. I am SO FCUKING ANGRY! :evil:
  4. Pretty absurd.

    Attempting to justify the spending of money meant specifically for motorcycle safety on assets that will primarily be used for a wholly different purpose is a pretty big slap in the face. Ten more police bikes on the road is not going to bring about any radical improvement in driver awareness, just a half arsed attempt to rationalise the spending.

    I particularly loved the use of the 98%, I can feel motorists quivering in fear as I type this.
  5. I don't think this will happen. It better not. The fact they're taking this money from us at all is still a sore and angry issue for Vic riders. Using it to buy cop bikes is outrageous. The cops want to come bust us for splitting, they should pay for their own god damn beemers.
  6. :shock: They are joking right?
    Has the VMAC gone mad? .. or are they now doing sweet-heart
    deals with the cops?
  7. Cue [FLUX]... :arrow:
  8. is a previous thread

    twistngo wrote:
    on a ride last weekend I heard someone complaining that some of our levy had gone towards purchasing police bikes. could this be true?

    No - some of our levy has not gone to purchase some police bikes.
    John Karmouche

    just semantics or didn't he know?

    this guy is the president of MRAA.
  9. +1 Loz.

    But hang on, buying the bikes is only a portion of the cost.
    Remember to make those 10 bikes operational you need to staff them with riders, service them and also take into consideration end to end operational costs.
    Your $300,000 one-off is more like $1.5 million per annum in total absorbed costs.
    Who is paying for that?
    I am sure that the full impact of the figures have not been fully evaluated, else the number of riders they need to punish via fines will need to extend dramatically.

    The police force works to pay in part for itself, so for every dollar it spends on staff, equipment and operations, it must nett in returns from the public.
    I am very familiar with police operational budgets (relative) and how they are formed. Key drivers for senior area managers is by 'contributions' through fines.
  10. a huge +1 to both comments!!!! I have read views from fellow riders about these parties, but always tired to give them the benefit (as not being in the riding community a long time, rumors can be a bad thing) but if this is the case i can see why so many riders speak poorly of these people.....

    I am really looking forward to hearing the other side of the story :evil:
  11. This is a new fukcing low ...
  12. Paying for police equipment out of an unnecessary tax, then telling us it is for our own good....

    Oh, snap, didn't see that one coming.... :grin:


    (Edit, if JD is correct that is has been revoked, then it is a definite relief)
  13. Ok guys JD K has replied in the other thread and said it is 110% BS.
    I'm willing to believe him.
  14. As I said in the other thread, if it is all BS then the MRAA needs to state that unquestionably on their website for all to see, and then chase down this journo....
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