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Our latest bike review video: BMW S1000RR.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Loz, Oct 8, 2011.

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  1. Great bike, great review. Well done mate.
  2. Great Review Loz - very entertaining and informative
  3. shit loz you're almost making me want one
    well, except for the fact that i like living enough to not go shopping
  4. Top review Loz, good to see!

    Taking some styling cues from Top Gear too, I see ;)

    Is it just a trick of the video, or is the brake light flashing with the ABS/Traction control?
  5. bloody top review :)
  6. Cheers all!

    Yeah I think it has something to do with the video framerate versus the refresh time on the LEDs. It doesn't look like it's flashing in real life.
  7. Great review Loz.
  8. nice work loz
  9. Good stuff...
  10. thank you, very good piece of work.
  11. great stuff as always loz! :)
  12. Fantastic work Loz.

    I didn't realise you did these reviews, I found the two Ducati reviews on youtube with out knowing anything about Gizmag. I even asked in one of the reviews for one to be done on a 848 Evo.

    Excellent work on all of the bike reviews, I have them favorited and watch them many times over.
    So tempted to get the Strada after watching your review as well.
  13. Bugga!

    Now I WANT one!

    Excellent work guys.
  14. Good work Loz.
  15. Shit that hilux was inches away!
    Great review.
  16. Thanks all. We have a lot of fun making these, but it's always a tough sell to the bean counters, because they bring in very little revenue for the site, and cost huge numbers of hours to make to the standard I try to keep to.

    So if you want to help us make more, share the gizmag link (rather than the direct youtube link) wherever you can, we really appreciate the hits!
  17. Seriously Loz your reviews are the best Ive seen in my short bike career - not sure how the bean counters calculate the ROI for these -
  18. Cheers eh... It's pretty simple - how much it costs to make them (piss-all in the context of a TV show but massive bucks in the context of a website), offset by how much revenue they bring in (bugger all, YouTube pays in the order of ten times less than the advertisers who put banners on our words and pictures articles)... They basically keep letting me make videos because they feel it elevates the Gizmag brand and hopefully draws in readers for the rest of the site. But it's still a pretty tough sell - especially since I scuffed up a Ducati pannier by resting it gently on the ground... Which cost us a further 2 grand *cringe* :bolt: