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NSW Our interaction with Victorian cops

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Zim, Nov 16, 2015.

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    I just got back from my clubs annual 4 day ride to the High Country. We have been doing this for 10 years and have had a great run with very few incidents, not this time though.
    There was 6 of us on this trip, most on Historic rego. In NSW there is in the last 6 weeks been a change to test out the log book system where if you like you can go the log book way or continue with the original system of ANY designated club run your club is affiliated to ANY destination in Australia.That's the way 5 of us are situated with 1 going the log book way. So we are leaving Omeo and get the cops up ahead sigh from a passing rider and obviously continue at the speed limit.
    About 20 ks later an Obviously unmarked orange car comes past the other way and flashes his lights as he passes and does a U turn and pulls us up.
    He gets out as says to his mate as he walks down the line,first ones ok, bike 3 is supposedly doing 121 and according to him bike 2 and 4 were close by and doing the same even though we were all together and traveling at the same speed .
    There was zero chance of talking him out of this, he was virtually wetting his pants in gly.
    And then another unmarked car arrived and this bloke starts up with the historic rego stuff. Where are our log books. According to this charmer we must comply with any Victorian legal requirements on his side of the border.According to him it didn't matter what was legal in NSW if we were south of the border it must comply with Victorian law, seems we are not a FEDERATION these days So a heated discussion ensues and it got heated because this charmer took ANY discussion as disputing his authority.
    He finally agreed to let it slide this time,it seems we need to carry a document on an official club letterhead stating all the facts of the ride or we can be fined for riding unregistered and not allowed to proceed on these unregistered bikes even though this ride is documented up the wazoo in multiple places and with the club officials and has been for many years..And then he got real excited about the cylindrical rego label holder on one of the bikes,historic rego still requires rego labels and these cylindrical type ones are ULEGAL. He got IRATE at this and threatened to send that bikes owner an unregistered riding fine in the mail.All of this was extreme nit picking and completely unnecessary,and smacked of doing anything to make it difficult to ride bikes on these roads.
    So by this stage we had 2 cars and 4 cops at the scene, 3 of us got speeding fines at 112 in a 100 zone and that's when the lectures started. One went into this tedious speech starting with I have been on this road for 28 years and ITS A DEATH TRAP. Funny thing is I have owned this bike for 28 years as well. All of the blokes on this trip have multiple decades of riding experience and don't need finger waging by moronic ZEALOTS like this bunch.And the final irony is 3 of these cops rode bikes.
    This whole experience was a complete joke,none of us got breath tested,none of the bikes got safty tested , it was all about the fines and grand standing in front of a captive audience. My respect for the Victorian Highway Patrol went down one hell of a lot.
    Earlier that day at The Blue Duck on a brake from the best road in OZ The Mita Mita Rd we had a chat with the local general duties bloke who was a credit to his job. Not this bunch of Ned Kelly wantabys.
    So in summary we were NOT speeding, we were lawfully registered, we were all experienced riders over 50 wearing all the gear
    on holidays spending up big in country towns and we were TARGETED harassed and fined all in the name of road safety.

  2. Did this happen on Saturday? The orange car pinged a mate speeding and because he was on an adventure bike he zipped up a track never to be seen again :)
    Anyway there was also a silver car and that was further down the road stopping every bike with the 2 cops grabbing everyones reg and details trying to catch him. They had the shits up because this bike got away from them lol
  3. Yes and yes, orange man with the speed stuff and silver man the club rego. Absolute bike trap on all counts.And as I said 3 bike riders among them,cops that is . I was saying now that rego labels are not around in general the holders are hard to get and fall apart in the sun. His comment, yes and they brake doing wheelies on his dirtbike. My comment,isn't that HOONING, his comment not on private land. The hypocrisy in galling,he riding for fun and does this for a living.Just stunning.
  4. One of the cops in the silver car took a swing at my gopro because I stopped just past him and he wanted me to stop a couple of metres before him. I wanted the shady spot lol. I pulled my helmet off and positioned on tank with the camera pointed towards him. He seemed to behave when he saw this. Funny thing was that it wasn't recording lol. Lots of bikes out on the weekend.
  5. You need to be more sympathetic to these police officers. This particular group all have very small penises, their wives are in a constant state of frustration and as a result they will take it out on you. Oh and by the way offering to help them out with the problem at home doesn't work either I've found. Isn't Anglers Rest a beaut spot ?
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    There was some queue for fuel at Omeo, we were the only 5 Laverdas in town though.

    One of the bloke stayed there on his way to the Supers this year,loved the accommodation, seems his brother was booked that weekend as well. My main point is I would be ok with the ticket if we were speeding ,and we were not. Plain and simple, I do have some wobbling on my 40 year old speedo needle but not 21 ks of wobbling.
  7. Bummer of a story, mate.

    Might have seen you bunch, passed through from Mitta Mitta to Omeo on Saturday afternoon and saw quite a few bikes parked up at The Blue Duck in as I passed over the bridge. Only saw one cop my whole trip, was not always taking it easy either, but real glad I didn't meet your friendly copper..
  8. So will 3 be contesting the speeding fines ZimZim ??
  9. Maybe, no Gopro. Well maybe we do have video,one of the blokes does run one. Funnily enough one of the blokes is a Solicitor. As they know full well it depends on the financial costs and time wasted outweighing the result. Seems like BS saying we got one on the radar and the other 2 were close enough to lump them all together. They would have got the same result with a conversation in a polite considered way. There was NO talking them out of it,except for lowering the speed from 121 to 112. Ticket reads detected at 115 alleged speed 113. Seems the world ends at 100, my 40 year old speedo needle wiggles a bit. I still cannot get past his attitude to it all.Completely brainwashed into believing all this would achieve anything other than his disrepute in the great scheme of things.
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  10. A little class action / defence from 3 splitting legal costs may make sense?
  11. They were blitzing all over on sunday
    I got booked in the car at warrigal road at 8.30 in the am doing 74 in what I always knew it to be a 70 zone until very recently (old habits, even my gps has it as a 70 zone).
    so they lowered the speed limit by 10 and then enforced a blitz straight away to nab us. No warning no nothing.
    expensive lesson about being complacent. This lot of toads had a field day booking someone every time they went and plonked themselves in the turning lane.
  12. Did you ask to see the radar reading?
  13. Sadly what you experienced seems quite common, if anecdotal evidence is to be believed. I have spoken to a lot of people who have decided to spend their money elsewhere and avoid Victoria as much as possible.
  14. Knobs/Maybe you should whack this on the VicPol facebook page ZimZim ....
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  15. Ha! GreyBM and I travelling back from the Snowys last year...we get pulled over around Stradford or Rosedale or such. "You were both speeding". GreyBM (who was leading) flatly denies it, so the cop says, "Well actually, I only saw the grey bike speeding (his), not the orange bike (mine)." Up until then, he was quite prepared to fine both of us. GreyBM still denies it - politely, but firmly - and in fact he wasn't speeding b/c he was waiting for me to catch up after being stuck behind a car. If anyone had been speeding it would've been me. So the cop backs off and does a safety inspection on the bikes instead, looking at tyres etc. All good there b/c we tend to change tyres before the trip each year so they're in good nick. No oil leaks etc. So no fines at all in the end. Yet we were supposedly doing over 120kph. Who gets let off of a 120kph (in 100 zone) offence if it was true?
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  16. If you do nothing else, write to the local paper, and local state member.
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  17. This shit starting again even with a new Chief Commissioner who has been a rider. Sad.
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  18. You were all traveling in a group together, yet 3 got fined?!? I'd be seriously considering getting each person to make a separate formal complaint about this guy. 6 separate complains going in listing:

    - He lied about the speed you were doing.
    - Even if he was telling the truth, he then continued to lie on the paperwork (putting down 112 instead of 121) - which attests to his dishonesty...
    - His actions with dealing with you in an unprofessional manner.
    - And him harassing you about things that aren't illegal (such as the club rego stuff).

    You may not need to fight it in court. Putting forward 6 separate statements and complains may be enough for them to review it internally and drop the fines at least.

    I have no issues with Police doing their jobs - I have mates on the job. These kind of guys aren't just bad for the public - they're bad for the rest of the force as well, and need to be pulled up (excuse the pun).

    With any luck your mate does have video with audio that you could also hand into them...
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  19. I expected this sort of situation to come up.
    I haven't checked in the Qld regs bit in NSW and Qld you operate under the same conditions you do in your State of registration.
    Only you 5 were on the Run and t wasn't organised by another Club and you just joined in?
    The log book trial is 60 days + Club Events.Club sanctioned events may or may not be treated differently.
    An advantage of making those a club event is that the club becomes the legal entity conducting the event. If we were to do this Run members would be covered by our personal accident insurance and the club liability insurance would also be in effect.
    It's prudent to carry something that shows it was a designated club run - could save a lot of hassles.
    For the logbook 60 days it's personal use and required you carry the logbook and that it is completed before the journey (each day).
  20. We all are financial members of the club that runs our historic scheme, that club is in NSW and we all have had club rego in our particular scheme for at least 5 years for me. This ride is put on by another club that is affiliated with the classic club also in NSW and is published in the classic club magazine for again 5 years.All club runs put on by the 5 or 6 affiliated clubs are legal to attend.This is CIIMA runs, Laverda runs, Ducatic runs, and I think Ulysses and maybe other club runs.Who does this bloke thinks gazettes these rides,the Queen.Looks like we will be carrying letters with a letter head with this in future, even though its recorded by the classic clubs ride registrar and published in the mag and emails are sent to club members just so any nosey policeman can sleep easy with us not breaching any laws near him. How these impossible to copy letterheaded documents prove anything is beyond me though. Thank god there was no GoPros on helmets or tail tidys or unstamped mufflers even though most of these bikes predate ADRs, we might have ended up in handcuffs.My problem with this was there attempht to find any little thing to hold against us, it was very confontasional and didnt need to be at all.Cylindrical rego holders,give me a brake. That that wasn't even my bike,mine was a nice safe flat one.