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Our "honest" society

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. Twice now in the last couple of weeks, the most recent this morning, I have watched, shall we say, senior citizens, at coffee shops grab a huge handful of Equal sweetner sachets and stuff them into their pockets, then one and put it into the coffee!!! What's the difference between this and sticking your fist in the till??

    Fair dinkum, so much for whingeing about the honesty of the younger generations :roll:.
  2. lol times are tough
  3. Your not on the pension, Hornet,
    Some pensioners are living hand to mouth,
  4. Munching on a handful of plastic and metal is probably healthier than those sugar substitutes.
  5. sounds like its time to pull out the old citizens arrest
  6. Boom tish no pun intended.
  7. Use it as an example of what not to do and utilise the next few years to perfect your technique?
  8. Artificial sweeteners?

    Wow, didn't think the seniors would trust the stuff.
    E-mail Equal, Hornet. Someone in marketing deserves a pat on the head.
  9. and I bet when they were working, they stole the paperclips and toilet paper....
  10. maybe they are collectors :D

  11. My mother does that.

    She has Alzheimer's.

    Larf riot, huh?
  12. huh, i didnt see that when I wrote it.
  13. Honesty is honesty.
    Age does not differentiate between those who are honest and those who are not.
  14. btw, i'll check the prices at work, but those sweetener things are bloooooooooooody expensive.
  15. hmm. bikes are expensive. I think i'll go and filch some.
  16. The way our government treats it's pensioners, the previous working class back bone of this country, and you want to rant about "honesty" over a little sweetener? I hope old age makes life hard for you one day.
  17. There ya go Hornet. Another ray of sunshine comes your way.
  18. VTRAffair as much as I agree with what you are saying the people involved here are not stinging the government but other individuals.
  19. even though I don't think people should consume the neuro toxin that is artificial sweetners....I am willing to donate a whole box of sweetners to pensioners who honestly can't afford it and if I ever run a cafe I'll put a huge sign up saying pensioners please take all you need! Come on people surely in today's society there are a million bigger things to rant about....
  20. I think there's a huge difference between them taking some Equal sachets and them sticking their fist in the till!

    For starters, the Equal sachets are usually put on the tables free for patrons to use as much as they like and I can't recall ever going to a coffee shop and finding wads of $$$ in the middle of the table free for me to use ;)

    Times are really bloody tuff, the pension is a few cents short of bugger all and doesn't increase anywhere near the cost of living. Yeah you may say that neither does most wages but we have the choice of finding a higher paying job or working longer hours etc. A pensioner doesn't have that choice, they get what they get and hopefully they can manage to get by on below minimum wage!