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N/A | National Our helmets are illegal????

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by smee, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. http://roadrider.com.au/special-features/state-of-helmets

    Bolded sections are mine

  2. It's a cluster ****.
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  3. My head hurts......

    For what it is worth this is not the only example, my life jacket which meets all Vic and CE standards is not legal in NSW but you would have to read about 5 pages of silly rules to figure that out.... This inter state stuff just does my head in, surely it cannot be that hard if the people in he room making the rules just pulled heir heads in a bit!

    Cheers Jeremy
  4. forgive me my head hurts as well, forgot I already posted this.
  5. Other thread is not about the national consumer fiasco, so have reopened this thread.
  6. Someone didn't use the search function? Geez, you'll never be able to hassle a noob again Smee.
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  7. Worst of all it was a repost of my own post
  8. Haha, hey, not many people can remember what they've said in 13,000+ posts over a 10 year period :p

  9. That's ok. This topic can cause serious brain damage. Anyone who talks about it with Guy comes away a headache. Not because of Guy but because it all gets very complex...
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