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Our furry friends and the chaos they cause

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cejay, May 19, 2007.

  1. Ah, my new dog. After reading about Bronson and Twin Girl's getting to know each other, I started to think about how well Bella had settled in and how the damage has been reducing. I was a bit too early!

    I had loaded the dish washer but not closed the door properly. Whilst checking some stuff out in the garden I hear the crash and clatter or crockery and cutlery. Great. She'd opened the door, got into the dish washer and removed the cutlery tray and 2 or 3 bowls. I can't tell how many, the pieces were too fragmented. I growled at her, told her to go outside and cleaned up. Vengeance however would be mine within 20minutes. Finishing off in the garden she was munching on some weeds (she's strange) and getting closer and closer to the fence line. And therefore the electric fence. A squeal and she was running off to the couch to recuperate.
    The damage to date has been limited, but interesting.

    • 1. Jumped onto kitchen bench and taken food being prepared
      2. Opened the cupboard door and emptied the dog cereal in the kitchen and dragged the box outside.
      3. Jumped onto the kitchen bench and smashed my (nice) fruit bowl.
      4. Pulled an empty wine bottle off the side and smashed to lots of pieces.
      5. Eaten 2 days of prepared dog food in the 5 seconds I turned my back
      6. Removed a loaf of bread from the cupboard and eaten.
      7. Opens kitchen draws and looks around
      8. Opens kitchen cupboard and crawls in to sleep

      In addition to all of that, don't leave anything in sight or in a jumpable location. She will get it.
    And despite all of that, she gives me 'that' look and what can you do? Actually, for Bella it's quite hard, she was beaten as a puppy, then was rescued and spent 5yrs living with a lovely family but no discipline and now lives with me and Stevie in a place where we have rules. So whatever I do has to take into account her history.
  2. Exactly why I don't have a dog!
  3. Actually, believe it or not, its not that strange. A lot of dogs chew grasses to help settle their tummies & also as breath fresheners!

    My boy loves trying every different type of grass when out walking etc, but he also is partial to trying the potted herbs & spices around home, with corriander being his favourite ! I pity the corriander trying hard to grow but continually being "pruned" :LOL:

    I have to admit, I'm really lucky as its been quite some time since he has "misbehaved". My only dramas now seem to be the occasional cuppa might get knocked or spilt from the coffee table with his enthusiastic tail wagging, or his desire to roll in some dreaded thing that reeks afterwards, then of course it's bath time : :p
  4. Well what can I tell you.

    Aaron steals the bread when I forget to put in in the cupboard and takes it outside to share with the other doggies.

    He ate a whole sponge cake one day whem Karina when to see who was knocking at the door.

    Lilly likes to jump on the table when nobody is watching.

    Kenny is plain evil.

    But they all come from the pound and Lilly was an abused dog. They know there are rules but Karina is a softie and they know that too so they do all that when I'm not around.

  5. i have 2 criminal lab's, that break out of my yard no matter what i do.
    one even climbs 6ft fence.....
    they got out this morning, caught by pound, bail set at $54 for the pair.
    my better half is getting them as i type.
  6. Do they get special uniforms too? I can't imagine a bad Labrador!
  7. furry kids are frought with fun..... :wink: :wink:

    try saying that thre times really fast!!! :LOL: :LOL: :wink:

  8. What the?
    Now I've had dogs & they were loved to pieces & not often spoilt food wise but dog cereal?
    Are you kidding or is this some British word for dry dog food?
  9. Phuds

  10. and of course ...... there's always dogs' breakfast :wink:

  11. i had to virtually strip everything out of the laundry when i got my mac.....he even tore up the carpet!

  12. I was going to say, there is always Donna's products!! :LOL:

    Footnote: Standard referrers fee of 20% is applicable. :cool: :LOL:
  13. Cejay, having a Beagle you know I/mum and dad have experienced the same sort of stuff you have :p

    Opening the sliding door of the cupboard, and getting to any and all food...when she got too big for that, she enlisted the help of our other pup cuz he was smaller, so he'd open the door, and Fudge'd get all the 'good stuff' on the higher shelves. Good stuff included an entire packet of yeast :mad: the fact that she proceeded to drink a crap load of water after that had us worried for a while :p

    Usual bin patrol - any and all bins, whether it was food or paper. They were there for HER enjoyment.

    Easter Eggs...all of them...two years in a row... :mad:

    Shoes...slippers...stuffed toys etc etc. If you couldn't find them, you were guaranteed they were in the backyard.

    If you were making dinner, any food sitting there waiting to be cooked had to be sat on the stove. Anywhere else on the bench and she'd get it. Thankfully we didn't live far from a supermarket as there were endless trips to replace stuff we were in the process of using :p

    Now down on the farm it's just endless furry critters to have fun with. Dad unfortunately discovered these critters could ALSO be long and thin and slithery :LOL:

    As well as the dairy farm next door which has an endless supply of cow shit to roll in and take home.

    And I think I told you about her new trick of grabbing the handle of the draw the bin's in and pulling it open for all that rubbishy goodness :p

    Ahh...Beagles....gotta love 'em :p :LOL:
  14. :LOL: :LOL: :shock:

    Actually, Bronson hasn't stolen any food he shouldn't yet......but he did bring me in another piece of poo for me on Sat...he's so thoughtful like that. :LOL: :LOL:

    Just means poo pick up every day for me! *sigh*

    Last night, he pulled the tablecloth, and caused one of my ferns to fall to the floor, where he was immediately grovelly, as I shouted to Get outside!
    When he is lying at my feet chewing one of his toys/bones or just dozing though, it makes me forget all the trouble!
  15. my lab goes through the bin dragging rubbish all through the house and takes up all the room on the lounge or the bed.
  16. Well I have a cat but they're not much better :LOL: The damage is usually a lot less though - but they can certainly leave a mess. My cat always was partial to getting into the rubbish bin searching for food and then distributing it around the house. She loved those absorbent pads they pack under meat in those supermarket packages and would chew on those and it would be EVERYWHERE! And as for the fur everywhere..lesson learnt - never get another white cat!

    However they're definitely not loyal. My 12 year old cat has now decided, after having lived with me since being a kitten, that the old lady over the road would make a much better owner and has taken up residence over there. Never see her any more! Damned cats..! It makes the old lady happy - she's alone and her little dog died last year so I've been loathe to make a big deal about it.

    Admittedly since my separation I haven't been home as much so she's not been getting a lot of attention so maybe its for the best. :cry:
  17. My Arab opens the fridge to help herself to deli meats....we have since purchased a upside down fridge so she can only open up the freezer....yet to remove the old fridge from the kitchen area so she still opens it looking for food....eats shoes...cd cases...remote controls...futon couch's as has been seen in another thread....all in all a absolute pain in the ass....she cops a flogging and is put outside when she crosses the line..but without fail sucks up until we forget and the next chance for her to **** shit up arises....what damage do your pets do?
  18. We have a 2 year old lab, who is very lucky to have made it to this age. His first major blunder was eating my glasses which were only a couple of months old. $900 down the drain. 3 weeks later chews up the replacement pair. Another $900 + down the drain. Next down the hatch was the remote for the TV, which is one of those telly's you can't change channels without the remote. Daughter dear wants to watch TV so insists we go to Dick Smiths to get a new remote. Its pouting rain and on the way we hit a pot hole and wreck 2 tyres on the drivers side . Another $1000 for 2 new tyres. Add in a few incidentals , another remote, couple of bottles of perfume, about 10 pairs of shoes, thongs apparently are considered a delicacy and are usually chewed beyond recognition, only recognisable by there colour. As someone else said earlier never again will we have a white dog, or one that looses so much hair. Everything is covered in white dog fur. As I have sooo much invested in our pampered pooch now I really can't get rid of him, besides the rest of the family wouldn't let me as he appears unable to do anything wrong in their eyes. I still beg to differ!!