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our Bengal ....Zeeky

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bubbly, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. looks like she had been partying all night and suffering from a hangover

  2. Well, she's certainly hanging over the back of the chair, anyway :LOL:.
  3. yep
    just happens to be hubbies chair

    he took so many pictures of her last night cause of this
    she is actually sitting like a human and not like a cat lol

    some nights she will be on the chair facing monitor with paws on keyboard
  4. My persian's default sleeping position is upside-down, with his front paws curled up in the praying position, in the middle of the lounge-room floor, quite weird.
  5. ohhh it so good im not the only one with wierd animals lol
  6. Here's our Timmy looking for loose change..........
  7. Here's my kitteh


    He is a Ragdoll so spends most of his time flopping on his side.
  8. oh timmy looks like a cheeky one and cute too

    love the ragdoll and where it sleeps
  9. here is a front on view of zeeky
  10. Your Zeeky looks like our Magda:


  11. does Magda love water too??? and is it a bengal?

    ours is a pure bred female bengal and just loves the water
  12. Nah, she's just a tabby moggy. More stripes than spots. She doesn't mind water - always hops in the bath for a drink after we've had a shower!
  13. ahh ok
    well least she isnt afraid of water especially when it gets warm
  14. whats the name of the breeder you got your bengal from??
    she certainly looks like a cheeky girl :)

    we are registered breeders of the British Shorthair ourselves

  15. cats

    Gorgeous looking cats.
  16. We love our cats.
  17. And he knows it :cool:
    We just wish he'd stop sweeping the yard with his tail. :roll:
  18. Beautiful cat, and great photo :wink:.
  19. hi Tracey umm i dont recall now ....mind went all blank!
    must be aging too much ](*,)
  20. A cat from Rainbow Springs, Rotarua - August 06.
    I know its not a pet but I can wish :grin:
    They have very course hair. Not like a domestic cat at all.