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Ouchies - Service bulletin/recall for 675s. *bam* I'm hit

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by undii, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. Is your bike one that needs "attention"?

  2. Nope, my bike made it safely this time.

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  3. I'm no 675 owner, just seeing results!

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  1. As some/most people saw my review of the crap "display" Peter Stevens/Triumph Australia did last night, I get this tonight..

    Bike recall from my VIN :shock: It still isn't my year _for anything_ oh, I did get some good cheap leathers. So I can't complain... too much ;)

    There are outstanding service bulletins or recalls on your bike.

    Please contact your nearest dealer without delay to have your bike upgraded or modified at no cost to you


    For anyone else who wants to try who has a 675

  2. Don't worry recalls are not a bad thing. As I say to all my customers at least the manufacturer is being responsible and is trying to rectify faults.
  3. Finally had time to pop in at home and get onto the computer. Busy busy morning! I spoke to service and they said they will order the new (fixed) part and replace it on my bike sometime.. (soon I hope).
  4. what was the problem?