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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TonyE, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. Now I'm not entirely sure where this should go -but it's definitely bike related and while the discussion gets pretty amusing...

    It's also painfully serious.

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    And also interesting that you're right...there really isn't anywhere to discuss health issues. The girls could discuss stuff in the chick forum, but guys don't have anywhere to talk about stuff they might prefer to keep private, nor is there any section for both for the more general stuff (like back soreness, sore butts etc).

    ETA: By 'keep private' I mean discuss with other guys rather than the entire forum population.
  3. Wrong forum,but I bet the dweeb wont have the BALLS to delete it.
  4. So, just which forum do you think it should be in then?
  5. Ask the farkwit-he will know.
  6. I just did -and you don't. :)
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  7. Oh oh........
  8. Oh touché !
  9. :p Too good an opportunity to pass up...
  10. Get off the puter Micky. The superbikes are about to start.
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    'Bling and appearance'
    Duh :D
  12. i masturbate alot - so by shedding pounds when "bustin' a nut" my power to weight ratio in theory should improve, yes ?

    should i also poop before riding to improve the ratio even more?
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  13. On record mate !
  14. Beats during...
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  15. thankyou for your informative post viscera99, i have marked it accordingly.
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  16. Negative....

    If you had the power to shoot a fistful of knuckle children like the rest of us the expellant has more of a "reverse thrust" effect.
  17. did i read vagina ?
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  18. Dunno bout you but I just did....

  19. I just googled Hydrocele... Wow, poor guy.