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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by undii, Sep 8, 2010.

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    At 46-47 second mark look what happens at the back end of the video... OUCH is all I can think about atm!


  2. She's not thinking about much, looks like she's out cold.

    Ouch indeed.
  3. Yikes!!.... some of those people just slide out of shot and we don't see them again (like the 1st guy who slides off the counter!!)....:-s
  4. look at the people that are in the room on the right, look like they are barely moving at all!
  5. Is it just me or would this video be improved by the benny hill theme?
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    I'm not sure, but there is something ominous without the sound, especially when, after reading the previous posts, you know there's something bad coming.

    Sometimes music does set the scene though. I don't know if these Panda Cheese commercials (from Egypt?) would work quite so well without the music they chose....

    Maybe if you cued in Faust's [URL="http://il.
    ]Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl[/URL] to play from about the 45second mark it'd work with the OP's Ocean Liner video. (I just had the two windows playing at the same time; thought it worked quite well.)
  7. Yes. Also look at the the walls all around them they are hanging onto and angle they are standing to them at. In the furthest background you can see stuff absolutely flying around.
  8. they were AWESOME!
  9. Cattle (passengers) on cruise liners have no idea how to handle light seas like that - trust me that aint rough!
    On Ursa, 120m long shallow draught dredge sailing from south africa to perth... we hit some awesome seas, 40, 50 footers... I dont get sea sick - usually. Sure did then!
    One of the guys was taking photos from the bridge ill have to try and chase some down.
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    Here's another view.


    Check out the wee forklift... Looks rough enough to me Mr Messy!

    My only experience with rough seas was years ago I went to Europe on a small (150m) container ship. Went through a cyclone off the coast of WA. They had me working in the bow section re-greasing twistlocks. Nearly went deaf with the bloody anchors banging the side of the hull. After a while they decided it was too rough to work, the stagger back aft was a bit scary. But it was all good fun. Never got sick except it did feel weird back on land once we got to Singapore.
  11. Looks a bit better there thats for sure :p.

    Yeah ive had the same happen for me. Spent weeks towing a jack up barge out at sea in crap weather. Was never sick, but then got ashore... i was fine until i had a shower and then i rocked like crazy, vomited and fell over :D.

    Worked on port of brisbanes TSHD Brisbane for a couple months, and after 2 weeks onboard with crappy seas (anything over 2 metres was crap on that) of about 3 - 5 metres (much more and we couldnt go out), and i got on my motorbike the next day, nearly had a big off :p my understanding of centre of gravity + balance was shot!

    edit: schpellin typonese
  12. It doesn't take much for me to get land sick. I like to do the odd 5 or 6 hour paddle in a 5 metre kayak. I'm fine while I'm out there, I'm on the wrong side of the barrier reef and islands to experience anything you might consider rough, but when you get back to the beach you realize not moving your lower extremeties for such a long period of time diminishes ones ability to support their own weight some what, and I always always feel seedy once I get back home and sit in front of the PC or the Telly. My body just wants to gently rock. I guess one of the major things there is I'm relying on my body and balance to keep the yak upright, so you do sort of become one with the motion of the gentle undulation that passes for swell here.
  13. ...I thought furniture was stuck down? There's not a hope in hell that that would fly in my work place with the OHS rules we have in play...
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