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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by I AM ED, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. This didn't happen to me but I was like a couple meters away.

    I was sitting on the minibus returning from a school excursion to sydney. We were stuck in the rush hour traffic and I was just looking at all the cars and bikes go past.

    I heard a particularly nice sounding bike coming up behind us and so I turned around and looked. It was a fairly new R1 with some mad exhaust. He was doing the thing where there is heaps of traffic so he rode in between all the cars in the middle of the two lanes. He seemed pretty skillful until a car decided to change lanes without indicating, which made the guy on the R1 slam on the brakes.

    It was too late. He slams right into the door and flies over the hood and lands on his side on the other side of the car. They started swearing and all that but then the traffic eased a little and the bus moved on before I could catch anymore of what they were saying.

    Later in the trip a similar thing happened - only this guy ran into hedge. He was going along the shoulder and a car moved slightly - why he over exaggerated this I don't know - he braked hard, and rode straight into the hedge beside the road. He seemed fine and got back on the bike and kept going. the car didn't stop. Scratched his bike a little though :-({|=
  2. Man it gives me the shits when some ******** decides to "change lanes" in stationary traffic just to stop be filtering. Or the "I'll move forward because I don't want you taking MY space in front of me!"

    But it sounds like that R1 was moving through non-stationary traffic?
  3. Twice in one day you witnessed it? Damn :p.
    Feeling more and more empathy with the dude in victoria who replied in kind to that woman who tried to kill him with her car..... with his sawn off shotgun... wait im not supposed to say that am i oh well.
  4. I take it from that little 'no pity' smiley thing that you thought he deserved it?

    It's called target fixation, hope it never happens to you. If it does, maybe you won't get a bloody laugh out of it.
  5. You seem quite familiar with it...
  6. Yep. Still got the scars too. 100 kms an hour and an armco leaves a mark.

  7. I meant to say sad face. you know like sad music and all that.
  8. Whoops :rofl: Ignore me, I was just being a sook.