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ouch - what a day

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by abvc, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. pleasant day today. chain was clean, bike was clean, weather was great. set up the tinted visor on the shoei. went out for a quiet ride. but as time passed, the urge to hit the twisties started to crawl up... decided to give kingslake a visit.

    stopped at lwr heidel petrol station, thank god there is a lady that knows what/where kinglake rd is :LOL: as i got there, i understand why nobody know, there was no single road name raised.

    st andrews - kinglake is a nice alternative to reefton, with tighter corners (25-30 km/h), and couple of cliff. however the road is short. first time i went to reefton, i cried inside, 'when will this road end!'

    had lunch in one of the pizza shop. then continue to healesville, since lot of people headed that way. 5 minutes on, i got a bee stung my stomach out of the blu! man that hurts. threw it out of my shirt, and decided to shorten its lifespan.

    first twisties after a track day, that was great! the kinglake to healesville, they are high speed corners... at 6th gear, the gpx had no engine braking, made me hairy couple of times... 'where is the feedback! gasp!'

    arrived at healesville, time still 3 pm, decided to give the spur a blast, had couple of nice runs, between traffic. canceled a home trip via reefton.. as visibility reduced by the slight cloud over the sun. don't wanna stuck in the middle of reefton :LOL:

    overall, excellent day. been months since last twisties visit... it's good to be back

    brake pad is getting thinner ~2mm it's time to learn how to change pad..! i can't believe that the track visit gave siginificant values

    i think i saw flux on his brand spankin new 675 :LOL: boy he is fast around that corner
  2. Was that you on the copper/orange(ish) coloured 636 that I went around the outside of in the Spur?
  3. nono. i was relaxing on a side road when you passed
  4. Nah he has a 06 GPX250 I think?
  5. yea 07 :LOL:
  6. wow. pushed harder today. tailed by a skyline gt(r/s), leaned further, the rear washed couple of cm's as i throttled. it's kinda embarassing to be tailed by a car ! :LOL: he is damn fast (reefton)

    i waited at marysville but i guess he went the other way