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Ouch that hurts!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kawa_unistudent, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. Hey all,
    Im only a novice rider (this is my first post...been readin gforum fo rages though) on my way back from uni today on my zzr-250 and had a little accident. The guard for my front wheel is pretty much a ride-off and on a minor note: i now have a dint in my tank...from where my GROIN hit it! Didnt know it was possible? Anyway, just wondering if anyone knew roughly how much id be looking at to have these fixed? Im not sure my sex life will be that easy :cry: . Incidently no fairing damage. :p

  2. Front guard $30-50
    Ball dent in tank not worth it unless bike is near new, would need to remove tank, strip paint, fill hole, high fill, paint, re-fit.
    Maybe $2-300, good second hand tank would be cheaper I think
  3. A painful first post! Can't exactly welcome you as you have been lurking for a while. I take it from you request for guidance on parts prices that the bike is not insured???
  4. Thanks guys. Yeah only third party...its not a huge dint...but its a 2004 model, done 6000 ks. Only got it a while ago too!
  5. Eeeek! That would hurt. Insurance just doesn't cover everthing. Hope all your bits work ok now. Even if they do you had better be on the safe side and get someone to check three times daily for the next week. Oh wait a minute. Your a uni student so that is probably normal. :wink:
  6. Wow Kawa, you must have balls of steel :LOL:

    Sorry, didn't mean to make fun of your unfortunate incident :oops:

    Glad to hear there isn't any fairing damage though :grin:
  7. Maybe try a paintless dent removal place, if they can get at it from the filler cap they may be able to get the dent out. Ive seen them fix hail damaged cars, but if you show them the bike they will be able to tell you straight away if they can do it.
  8. Owww... that really hurts, you have my sympathy.

    I left the ball dents in a trail bike when I was younger, it really adds insult to injury :oops:
  9. what did u hit?

  10. :rofl: :biker:

    Hope the twins are ok :wink: & the bike aswell!
  11. Trust me 24 hours on they dont feel like steel...much darker though...im definatley seeing a doc today. Yeah the dints not huge, and not deep as you can imagine; ill give the local dent removal place a call thanks guys.
  12. wow. you really do have NUTS!

    I wish insurance would also cover gear as it is lost every time we crash :(
  13. ouch! hope everything is well and sound
  14. hope your recovery is a quick one!
  15. Doesnt shannons cover gear?
  16. Owie! You're one tough guy! [​IMG]